Your Period Survival Kit

Hey everyone! I hope this is a helpful video for teens who have started their period recently or even girls who have had their periods for years now. These are items I have found that works best for me, and it’s a system I’ve grown used too. Enjoy!

Items mentioned:
-Makeup bag
-Kotex Pads, tampons, and thong and panty liners
-Bathroom ‘caddy’
-Crayon boxes
-Tampon/ pad disposable bags
-Wet Ones or wipes
-Vagional Spray
-MyCycles App

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. oleg bond
    oleg bond 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    poor womans… why God did it like this :-)…..

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  2. Jayda Lol
    Jayda Lol 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    Can u do more period vids thnx

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  3. marissa plante
    marissa plante 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    there is an app called clue and I love using that app its simple and easy to do anything in.

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  4. Anousha Beechook
    Anousha Beechook 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    when did you get your period

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  5. periodhelp1990
    periodhelp1990 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    Here's An App That's Way Better To Help Track Your Period! And Here's A Bonus It's Free!!! Hope This Helps!! Clue – Period Tracker by BioWink GmbH

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  6. Nicole Moore
    Nicole Moore 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    i thought i was the only one who carried wipes with me :P

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  7. superawesome11227 lets party
    superawesome11227 lets party 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    i got my period at 11

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  8. Sarah Wardina
    Sarah Wardina 1 July, 2016, 01:05
  9. azad haque
    azad haque 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    Thanks for your kind information . ;)

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  10. Audrey Jordan
    Audrey Jordan 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    "Crusty blood"

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  11. tigerlily 121
    tigerlily 121 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    Clue is also a really good app. Its totally free and I use it. I deffenally suggest it more than the app in the video.

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  12. azad haque
    azad haque 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    I'm going to be 12 in this year November but I still didn't get my period . Can someone tell me does it hurt when you have your period ?

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  13. Kâÿłéę Būg
    Kâÿłéę Būg 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    Another subscriber ??

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  14. Andrins N
    Andrins N 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    Be careful with those sprays cause they will mess up ur ph balance and will most likely cause uti. A vagina is meant to smell like a vagina, not roses & strawberries or baby powder. Obviously every person's boby' smell is different so one should know what is normal and what is not.

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  15. Kirstie Fontanez
    Kirstie Fontanez 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    Why do most ppl prefer tampons over pads?

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  16. Elizabeth The Queen
    Elizabeth The Queen 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    I am extremely lucky. My mum got hers at 11 years of age, about grade 5. I am 13 years of age going into grade 8, and I have not gotten my period yet. I have symptoms and keep liners, 1 heavy and 1 regular pad in my backpack.

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  17. Armada Conspiracy
    Armada Conspiracy 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    I know a lot of people who use period calendar… a think? It's got a pink flower on it but I myself use Monthly Cycles and it's really helpful! It's does cost money though, it's also got a little rainbow flower on the front

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  18. Brenda Espinoza
    Brenda Espinoza 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    New subscriber here

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  19. Makeup By Ang
    Makeup By Ang 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    So helpful thx

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  20. mukti gohel
    mukti gohel 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    Do tampons hurt

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  21. kitkatlover22289
    kitkatlover22289 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    raspberry helps with menstrual craps pass on the message

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  22. FanofRoyQiu
    FanofRoyQiu 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    Have you tried periodpanties? I saw some at Bed bath beyond but don't know if it works?

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  23. Fw Chrissy
    Fw Chrissy 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    I have not started but I'm going to start in 6th grade I'm going to 6th grade this year I'm going to keep some in MY locker and I'm gonna sweep some in my purse

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  24. Kaitlyn Kelley
    Kaitlyn Kelley 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    I like the grad party video idea! I'll be a senior next year so it would be helpful! Glad you're back!

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  25. leah
    leah 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    Do videos about advice relationships and stuff like Megan hearts makeup they are actually really helpful like an older sister :)

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  26. SKvlogs
    SKvlogs 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    you should still do the graduation party video (: I've been graduated, but it would still be fun to watch! 

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  27. Amber Michelle
    Amber Michelle 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    I missed your videos, glad you're back :)

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  28. woah
    woah 1 July, 2016, 01:05

    Do you workout because you have amazing arms! Can you do a video on your workout routine if you do

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