WAVE Improves Disaster Response: Fort Worth Case Study

Fort Worth, Texas is improving communications during disaster response with WAVE.

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When disaster strikes, those in need of help don’t care about the complexity of interagency communications. All that matters is their safety.

0:14 The emergency operations center is a place where we can use to coordinate emergencies and disasters to limit the impact, save lives and protect property.

Agencies are used to working responses on their own but when you get in to a disaster scenario there is a requirement that they cooperate, collaborate, and they need a common space to do that.

The Wave solution allows us to, to treat all of our community partners and bring them in as if this was their home.

0:52 WAVE has been great. A lot of agencies still show up here without hand held radios, but we’re still able to support them by allowing them to A) monitor traffic from first responder agencies and then B) talk to their responders, specific to their agency over the desktop communicator. That’s been a big help for the EOC users.

1:17 We needed to have a communications solution that was very flexible, that we can very easily reconfigure on the spot, in order to ensure that we create the right teams to be working together.

Now we can have those agency representatives that don’t necessarily carry a radio on a day to day basis, be able to use their smart phones, or tablets, or other mobile devices to communicate back into the EOC or communicate within the Fort Worth radio system.

With WAVE’s push-to-talk, communication between responders is faster, response quicker and community service stronger.

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