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I review a great piece of new gear…the UST Micro Survival Kit. At just 3oz is kit is perfect for EDC and fits into nearly any pocket. Remember that your gear is useless if you don’t have it when you need it. This kit is small at 5x4x1 and always easy to carry.

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  1. UST Brands
    UST Brands 1 July, 2016, 01:08

    Great review! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. NGMonocrom
    NGMonocrom 1 July, 2016, 01:08

    It's a nice packet of useful items. But far from affordable. The nearest REI over by me is selling those packets for $35.

    Wetfire is worth buying separately. So is the small firestarter. After that, you can get similar items to the rest included in the packet for less money.

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  3. DerSchnurrbart
    DerSchnurrbart 1 July, 2016, 01:08

    The razor blade is very dull so you will need to sharpen the blade before you use it. The saw is good, though.

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  4. cheap is tactical
    cheap is tactical 1 July, 2016, 01:08
  5. CheapOutdoorGearReview
    CheapOutdoorGearReview 1 July, 2016, 01:08

    To expensive for me haha

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  6. Skills2Survive
    Skills2Survive 1 July, 2016, 01:08

    Very cool.  I will have to pick up one of those kits.

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  7. JW's BulletsNBlades
    JW's BulletsNBlades 1 July, 2016, 01:08

    good vid bro

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