Urban Survival: The Vulture Tool Kit / SHTF Gear

Reality check and breakdown of my urban survival tool kit. All the tools needed to collect resources in a total collapse/shtf environment. Gas siphon kit, breaching tools, lock pick sets, water filtration and more.

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  1. Chris Brooks
    Chris Brooks 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    Good thoughts.

    I don't think eye protection is a "might be nice." Post-SHTF, with no health care around, eye damage is the last thing you want. Protect those eyes. And I think a real mask might be a better choice for your vulture kit. On the road you want things that can multitask, but this short range pack can be more specific, and a real mask will work better than a rag over your face.

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  2. Dad Nova
    Dad Nova 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    #1 A gun first and foremost.

    #2 A Multi-Tool such as a leather-man or Gerber, has knifes, small saw, screwdrivers, bottle opener, and more.

    #3 Self tapping screws with rubber washer. As you stated many gas tanks are hard to get gas from, a hose will only get so much, however a self tapping screw can be screwed in at the bottom of any tank and gas will flow out of the tank into your bottle, then just install the screw to stop the flow of gas, and you can get more gas very easily the next time you need it. They can also be put into a lock so no one else can pick the lock. Many uses. Gets rid of all those hoses and stuff you carry.

    #4 A cutting cable with rings, very small but will cut just about anything, including a lock if you buy a good one.

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  3. jerdog3
    jerdog3 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    That's a really good kit you built! I live in Los Angeles, and you are 100% correct that Urban Survival skills are so important and under represented in the prepping community. There are 1,000's of wilderness survival / bushcraft videos, but good urban survival videos are harder to find.
    Great job and I can't wait to see more videos like this.

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  4. David Kirsheman
    David Kirsheman 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    No freaking knife? No can opener? Leatherman wouldn't be a bad idea.

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  5. RAIDER69
    RAIDER69 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    In a urban SHTF situation there will be a lot of unsavory people, what are you doing for protection while your out collecting things ? Do you carry or is that not something you`r comfortable doing ? Just wondering because there`s no sense in going out if you can`t make it back to your family.

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  6. Tyger Arnett
    Tyger Arnett 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    I think you are right on point with having this type of kit I do have some suggestions for you in pretty much of the modules that you have….
    1. Intel- You might want to think about adding some type of small radio so you can hear if there is any weather things you need to know about, places to avoid. Perhaps a 2 way radio to communicate with another person, maybe even a short wave radio, an possibly a police scanner.. Some of these can be bought as combined units I highly suggest you look into them. Especially with the intentions of this kit. You do not want to be going into a HOT zone. What i mean is you dont want to be leading yourself into like a riot zone, or something like that.
    2. Cordage… I think it would be a good idea to add some type of cordage that is better at supporting weight an also some cordage that doesnt have such elasticity to it. Such as bankline perhaps a #36. Just make sure you get real bankline not the walmart crap. An I would also include in this section several carabiners that i would trust my weight to an several that i could use as a make shift pully system.
    3. Water System… In addition to the clear tube especially when getting water from already filtered source if it is not compromised I would suggest adding a marine grade hose. If you are getting water that is some how not filtered that i would use the clear hose so you know the difference. I would also suggest getting like a sawyer mini an putting a carbon filter in the mix it will help a lot… for filling up that msr water pouch. Also just a type when prepping your water storage containers use hydrogen peroxide an water in a 1 to 4 ratio this is what hospitals use. They do not use bleach.
    4. Breaching Tools- I just recently learned about this oddly on youtube an have tested it myself it does work. You might want to add some heavy duty wrench
    5. Personal Safety- 1. I think you should have some type of firearm on you… you have zero mention of this. 2. You should definitely have eye protection, an a filtered mask a couple of them those N-95 masks arent that expensive. I would also think perhaps some foam ear plugs might be good if you are doing tons of banging on something in a factory type place, also perhaps some knee pads.

    Lastly, I was just thinking you might want to put together a small tool roll of like a universal socket set. They have ones that in cover a lot of sizes in just a few pieces good set. I would also put in a a screw driver set that has the same set up. I just think these few more tools might be helpful in the event your needing something to help with electricity, cars, security. Where you might be taking batteries, alternators, electric panels.

    This just also popped in my mind perhaps some discuss on this items usefulness might be warranted an what i thought of is those collapsible luggage or grocery carts that you see a lot of older people using? it might come in handy to have that in your pack. An than as your getting stuff take it to one central place where that is at putting it in that. So you can get it back to your location easily. What do you think?

    Hope you enjoyed my ideas. I have a similar kit myself. Glad to see someone else is on the same wave length as myself.

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  7. Maggie Joseph
    Maggie Joseph 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    This is one of the best survival bag I have seen so far, I actually learn thing or two and will defently put it to use. Personally I would add a foldable shovel. shovel have many different uses, may one day save your life.

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  8. Thomas Jewhurst
    Thomas Jewhurst 11 June, 2016, 18:02
  9. john rossi
    john rossi 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    I think it's a great kit man !….. PAPA DUKES

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  10. TheReallyBADGamer
    TheReallyBADGamer 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    Very informative!

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  11. John James
    John James 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    your right, we need to look at the urban situation in a lot more detail

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  12. Saturn Inc
    Saturn Inc 11 June, 2016, 18:02


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  13. Saturn Inc
    Saturn Inc 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    excellent video – never heard of ayone who made a kit/bag especially for foraging, to enable and find ways to collect what you need. Truely very very smart and helpful. I have all the items you mentioned, now all I need to do is make an extra bag for it. btw there are mini plyers as well, found some in a hardwarestore some time agoi and bought several for all my packs. excellent video!!! thank you very much!!! ps some ducttape won't be bad either…

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  14. TheExplodingbrain
    TheExplodingbrain 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    Why most of the North American preppers are fat?

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  15. Super SammySam
    Super SammySam 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    Nice pack but a fire kit would be good to have

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  16. Kyle Walker
    Kyle Walker 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    Join the fire department…then you will understand the meaning of heavy duty breaching tools

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  17. Modern_Patriot
    Modern_Patriot 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    I don't know if this has been suggested yet, but I think an simple electrical current tester might be handy. Something like this http://www.homedepot.com/p/Klein-Tools-General-Purpose-Twin-Lead-Tester-69136/203578379

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  18. RogueReplicant
    RogueReplicant 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    Any "kit" or BOB should be assembled with 1 priority in mind: WATER. Finding it, collecting it and FILTERING it. Add some water filters and a couple of high capacity USB power banks with dual charging mode (AC & solar cell). Otherwise, your Vulture Kit is awesome!

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  19. Deep Survival
    Deep Survival 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    No med kit ? Shoot me a message and I will send you one for free . I own Two advanced survival medical kits stores. http://deepsurvival.co/ and http://www.deepsurvival.today/
    I dont mind helping a fellow prepper especially when they are kind enough to take there time to help others .
    Good vid brother
    Long live the republic !

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  20. bsykes
    bsykes 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    I like the concept you have for the kit. I remind me of gears use in breaching rescue or force entry.

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  21. Ivan Chavez
    Ivan Chavez 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    I was going to give you a tumbs down till I heard what you said at the end regarding urban survival…well done! keep it up!

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  22. Rodney Johnson (SHTF The Aftermath)
    Rodney Johnson (SHTF The Aftermath) 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    What is the functionality of the kit as a whole, you left home base somewhere you know is safe friends community food etc… is this a forward outpost, a line of defense, what are you after out there that is so important, in basics it is a derelict house with junk what do you require out there putting yourself or partner at risk. To scavenge what, to forage what? How long do you plan on being out there? Same questions I would ask myself-than I would plan a kit for that, If you scouted around first and marked out trails or places along the way, in basics we have to leave this area (a bad situation) I have a goal, direction and purpose. I can forage this type food along the way, or we need to get to this location in a timely fashion.
    Are you leaving the area for good, or heading to another family's home next state over for awhile until it settles here.

    problems- you did not have any food with you, some dry food would have been good, perhaps some money or trade-able's, identifiable stuff back up papers phone numbers etc… perhaps a small medical kit, some sort of water filter would be good, a headlamp flash-lite keep your hands free, a tarp for quick shelter.

    I would go with a bag kit for things you always going to take, and another couple bags with 2 different load-outs 1 is for this job goal and the 2nd is for this job goal. this way your not forgetting anything or could be tight for achieving the goal and gotta get things done fast. You could also take a small tool roll pack to compliment your pack and allows for more essentials, staying over nite or away for a couple days and your tools are completely separate from your pack, this way your not having to route through your pack unnecessarily.

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  23. White Master Mariner
    White Master Mariner 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    A clown wandering around in cammo with a large pack would be my first target to take out from my concealed position if I had nefarious intentions.

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  24. paul mccummiskey
    paul mccummiskey 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    I would use the DEAD ON multi pry bar hammer tool . I would also bring pepper spray for that occasional dog that might be holing up in or being left to guard property that youmight not have seen going in. I would also bring a multi tester to test any electronic parts or maybe some batteries to test any flashlights radios I might find. I would also bring a flashlight. In case you are suddenlt surrounded by other marauders and have to hunker down and hide until dark and slip out at night and find your way back with your map in the dark. And bring some hot dogs or bologna for any multiple dog packs that might be guarding a high value property that you needto get into. You throw the bologna about 50 yards away and make a dash for the target and hopefullyget there before they can get back. And keep another slice of bologna on you to repeat when leaving the target house or property. I would also bring a slide bar and screwdriver or a FORCE OVER tool to start any vehicles you might encounter along the way. Why walk back to your camp location if there was a vehicle you might have been able to drive and drive back with all your stuff and more. I use to repossess vehicles in Los Angeles. I would also Bring a couple of locks with me in case I find or need to stash some of the stuff I found at a nice location and needed to make sure other LESS PREPARED VULTURES want to wander on the property. NOW I LOCKED IT UP SO I CAN COME BACK. I would also have a few signs from HOME DEPOT or LOWES that say NO TRESPASSING OWNER HAS A SHOTGUN. If I did have a property that wasnice for the pickings I would post it where everyone could see it. That way the less motivated VULTURES would move on and I can come back to the property. If these were helpful to you shoot me back an email

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  25. Dewey Barnes
    Dewey Barnes 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    great video, I also have a set of lock picks, practice practice practice…..also not only noise, but you can lock it behind you and be secure

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  26. graysurvivorx
    graysurvivorx 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    Hoes are for siphoning purposes. Hahaha! Great video, brother!

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  27. Urban Survivalcraft
    Urban Survivalcraft 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    Great ideas here! Here's a vid I did of my water module along with a silcock key and a dromedary bag I can do a lot!

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  28. BigFootWalker1776
    BigFootWalker1776 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    Knee pads would be something that I'd add. Then you might want something (camo tarp or sniper's veil) for camouflage to avoid others finding you should they wander near you.

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  29. mikedifeo
    mikedifeo 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    Great kit. It will give you a lot of help in an urban setting. The urban setting is different than the bush and the tools are different. You have what it takes to get anything else you might need.

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  30. Joe M
    Joe M 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    Good kit, but it doesn't seem like you have much space to back stuff back with you.

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  31. Tolik L.
    Tolik L. 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    You can find them on ebay and from what I understand , they were issued up untill the 90's . That is the 5 quart US army " vietnam jungle " canteen bladder . Folds up into nothing as well , but would be a better choice than that bladder you have , as the army 5 qt. comes with a cover for attaching to a pack or vehicle .

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  32. jwatterson69
    jwatterson69 11 June, 2016, 18:02

    Nice kit, thanks for sharing it. Could you elaborate on the 'homemade gas siphon kit' you mentioned at the end of your improvised shelter video?

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