The walking dead survival kit

High end military style messenger bag with brass fittings and custom The Walking Dead Logo
1. Lifegear Glow LED Flashlight
2. Leather Palm Work Gloves
3. Emergency Food Ration. Stays fresh for up to 5 years.
4. 2 Emergency Ponchos for Severe Weather
5. 2 Emergency Mylar Space Blankets
6. UniHeat Multi-Function Warmer
7. 12 packs of Emergency Water. Stays fresh for up to 5 years
8. First Aid kit, 85 pieces
9. Waterproof match booklet
10. 4 procedural face masks
11. 6″ SnapLight

Categories: Survival Gear


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    GarandLover22 22 July, 2016, 09:14

    Little chick its polaris I miss you +Creativity Jolt 

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