Surviving A Disaster – Using Core Skills – Prepper Survival

Learning and Developing Core Survival Skills to survive a short-long term disaster.

Security – Fire Making In All Conditions – Shelter Building – Water Collection and more.

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    DAVID JONES 31 May, 2016, 15:49
  2. See Canon
    See Canon 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    You guys are so great. Easy to follow with really simple but helpful information. This is going to save many lives.

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  3. Terry Meredith
    Terry Meredith 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    Check out how easy it is to make an HHO Generator. It could save your life!

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  4. Bumpkin PiEm
    Bumpkin PiEm 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    I have a ziplock bag of in-the-shell walnuts in my BOB.  The shells make EXCELLENT kindling, since they are an essentially super-dry, easy to crack-open hardwood, with the bonus that you get to eat the high-protein nuts out of them before building the fire if you're hungry, and an excellent kindling with an oily center if you aren't hungry!  In fact, I keep a gunny-bag of un-shelled walnuts in my house, for those days I didn't chop kindling the night before, and I just build a fire in the stove using the walnuts as tinder, in or out of the shell.  I always have some wood in the house, just not always kindling.  Like last night.  I didn't get home till well after dark, and didn't feel like chopping in the dark.  The nuts have lots of oil in them, so they are GREAT to make a fire with if I leave them whole.

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  5. Jim Morales
    Jim Morales 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    Got it, get it…..GOOD!

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  6. FullSpectrumSurvival
    FullSpectrumSurvival 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    Great comment Mega. Thanks.

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  7. MindPalace
    MindPalace 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    People should buy books (a lot of books) but specifically books about native american survival techniques. Keep in mind the natives both survived and thrived off of nothing but mother earth, so learning how they did it will be more than helpful.

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  8. MrEnergyCzar
    MrEnergyCzar 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    So true, knowledge and skill development is cheap….

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  9. 0BAAC0
    0BAAC0 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    Speaking from my underwater location in Toronto… Just learn how to make coffee when you're off the grid. Everything else is a bonus… (Lol)

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  10. In American Law
    In American Law 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    great episode!

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  11. imanuthaoz aka - Jace
    imanuthaoz aka - Jace 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    Hey guys, for really good instructional survival vids go to sigma3survivalschool youtube channel. Some of the most detailed survival instruction I have found on YT.

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  12. Oldtimer Lee
    Oldtimer Lee 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    Filter water before boiling it. Boiling is the last step in the process. Water needs to boil for only 1 minute (3 at higher altitudes). Per CDC. Pasturization of milk is done at lower temperatures. However, boiling for 1 minute is visual aid that high enough temperature has been reached if you don't have a thermometer to measure actual.

    Filter after boiling gives opportunity to re-introduce bacteria into the now safe water.

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  13. Oldtimer Lee
    Oldtimer Lee 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    Filter first. Get your water as clean as you can before boiling. If your filter material isn't free of bacteria, filtering boiled water through it will re-introduce bacterial back into the water.

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  14. Elrhyes Seyhrle
    Elrhyes Seyhrle 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    TY~ +1 don't depend on store bought items 🙂 research edible,medicinal, plants. can really help in a pinch.

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  15. Mercedes Adames
    Mercedes Adames 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    terrific video I really appreciate you and what you are doing to inform us. Thank you very much and Blessings. I am so new to Florida and had to leave great deal behind in Las Vegas now I must start all over again. But it's okay.I will regroup soon enough

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  16. 7EsoTeriC7
    7EsoTeriC7 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    Awesome video. Definitely stoked to see a detailed answer to this question. I hear it a lot from so many people I talk about prepping to. Honestly most puerile lose interest in the idea because of the idea of how much you can make it cost. But some of the best preps are free preps….

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  17. 7EsoTeriC7
    7EsoTeriC7 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    Should always boil water(10 mins at a good hard boil) you aren't sure of. Filter after cooling if you can do so. Boiling is the first priority with water tho.

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  18. Rictim Eishort
    Rictim Eishort 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    Good report.All communications now owned by gov.Thank you

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  19. Rictim Eishort
    Rictim Eishort 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    He said watch again

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  20. Chris Hellstern
    Chris Hellstern 31 May, 2016, 15:49

    Should you filter water then boil? Or is one or the other ok?

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