SURVIVAL SKILLS: Cooking Pork on a Primitive Stone Slab cooking Pit

In this video i show how to use a primitive cooking pit ,by cooking pork on a rock slab.
To see how to make the pit click here

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  1. Bill K.
    Bill K. 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    As usual Wayne it is a pleasure to watch you practice your craft. Great video, thanks for sharing it.

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  2. so steve
    so steve 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    very nice stone knife,and a yummy steak

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    ROUND AND RANDOM 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    That was awesome now I'm freaking hungry. I'm gonna have to give this a try. I wonder how it would work with bacon.

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  4. Bushcraft Cooking
    Bushcraft Cooking 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    looks good.

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  5. Outdoor Adventurecraft
    Outdoor Adventurecraft 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    I love porkchops. Chicken and pork! Live off the stuff! Plus beef is was too expensive

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  6. Phill O
    Phill O 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    If you don't mind the weight and your just out for the day, a Himalayan salt block is a really nice alternative to your same idea. Also a Hawaiian fire pit is a great way to cook small game like rabbit.

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  7. Felix Immler
    Felix Immler 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Great Video! I like your stone-knife! Greets from Switzerland

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  8. MrOldclunker
    MrOldclunker 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Better watch out..good old Dave C. "The Imitator" will be doing this next week. LOL Great original video.

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  9. Forestwalker111
    Forestwalker111 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Looked like a beauty day!
    Great choice on the pork, and the knife!!!
    Be well brother

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  10. Jason McDaniel
    Jason McDaniel 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Was that Old Man's Beard you were using as your birds nest? Also, that pork looked amazingly delicious. I gotta try this sometime.

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  11. T.W. Milburn (skillet210)
    T.W. Milburn (skillet210) 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    'mornin, Kull;Great way 2 start my day ! Liked the ole-skool tools Gotta love a good chop cooked the old way. Thanks 4 sharing                                   ATB  " T "      God  Bless

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  12. DiarioSelvaggio
    DiarioSelvaggio 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    fire, knife, stone, envirorment, evrithing in this video creates the perfect atmosphere, wow!!!

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  13. Michał olo (viragolo)
    Michał olo (viragolo) 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Cool stone knife ;)

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  14. ManLand121 (Midnight121)
    ManLand121 (Midnight121) 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    I gotta find me a flat .my area all I have is gravel…lol. But you know that I have done this way back in my youth…and I found then that what you said is absolutely true…the rock seems to cook evenly. But I really want to do this again knowing now what I only discovered back then. I bet that you can actually cook a biscuit by flipping it the same way you did the pork. Brilliantly done Brother Kull. You got the cookin' skills that I want to one day have the opportunity to share with.

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  15. kabaruser
    kabaruser 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    yup Capt. caveman lol I watched my dad cook eggs like that when I was 9 10 was amazed still am was wondering if you ever used them knap blades you made ? well my friend stay safe atb ….tom

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  16. Gerry Sorvino
    Gerry Sorvino 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Made me hungry – grat vid!

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    THE WOOD LIFE 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    ⛺Looks great. Going to have to try sometime. Nice fire start as soon! ~~> Jason

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  18. Bob Cotter
    Bob Cotter 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Nice, thanks for sharing…

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  19. Eat Carbs
    Eat Carbs 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Damn.. that looked freakin good brother.
    Thanks for the video.

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  20. embarado smithing and woodcraft
    embarado smithing and woodcraft 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    the smoke follows ya cause YOU create a low pressure area and the smoke will always go to the low and when i say you i mean any one hanging out with in 3 feet of the fire

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  21. embarado smithing and woodcraft
    embarado smithing and woodcraft 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    the other thing at play is THE Maillard reaction

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  22. embarado smithing and woodcraft
    embarado smithing and woodcraft 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    when water dances on the hot surface its called the LEIDENFROST EFFECT

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  23. Dick Cornish
    Dick Cornish 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    I hope you shared with the cameraman.

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  24. ACs
    ACs 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    down and dirty survival – brilliant !!!

    great video and very informative

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  25. Wheels gone Wild
    Wheels gone Wild 27 June, 2016, 21:19
  26. Abo Bushcraft
    Abo Bushcraft 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Nothing like the flavor a campfire gives meat, i can count on one hand how many times i use a stove a year.

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  27. Randy Parker
    Randy Parker 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    ?'s up and enjoyed. Stove tongs and knife all from God's creation. May the good Lord bless.

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  28. Far North Bushcraft And Survival
    Far North Bushcraft And Survival 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Looked like it turned out great. A great time also of setting by the fire. A stone like that has a more even heat transfer than a skillet on a stove top.

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  29. Brian Spencer
    Brian Spencer 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Hey Wayne: Looks really good, unfortunately the aroma doesn't carry all the way to Pickering Ontario but the image does. Have another on Sunday to celebrate my birthday. God Bless. Brian 76 less 2

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  30. wildernesscamp 85
    wildernesscamp 85 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    good stuff. check out my vid cookin new york strip on a rock.

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  31. Stella P.
    Stella P. 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    That sure looked tasty. Now I'm going to check your bushcraft tongs video!

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  32. Opal Preston Shirley
    Opal Preston Shirley 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Primitive all the way really great. The pork looked great. Appreciate the hard work. atb Opal

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  33. Nutjob with a Machete
    Nutjob with a Machete 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Another one of your videos that makes me think "Well, looks like I'm going out east for a visit."

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  34. Joseph Russell
    Joseph Russell 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Man that looked good oh yeah that worked out awesome

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  35. NorwegianWoods
    NorwegianWoods 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    It is almost like I could smell it trough the computer 🙂
    Thanks for sharing – Martin

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  36. Дмитрич
    Дмитрич 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Very cool . Practical ! I really liked it ; ) !!!

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    GARY'S BUSHCRAFT 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    I wish I was there to enjoy that pork.

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  38. The Bulliet Woodsman
    The Bulliet Woodsman 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Very cool man! Im gonna have to try that one of these days. Thanx for sharing

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  39. FSBushcraft
    FSBushcraft 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Hey, I have a blow pipe that makes blowing that tinder bundle easier…lol…..That was quick with the bow drill, very cool….ok now I'm hungry, if there is one thing you cook amazing it's meat on a fire…..The Fire pit work great as I knew it would….Man, I can taste it from here…..Another Great Video Bro…..

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  40. Daniel Barrow
    Daniel Barrow 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Good advice. Thanks

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  41. ZZ outdoors
    ZZ outdoors 27 June, 2016, 21:19

    Thanks for sharing.Ya made me hungry.Thanks ZZ.

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