Survival Skills 101: How to Survive If You’re Lost in the Woods!

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  1. Cecilia Zhong
    Cecilia Zhong 28 June, 2016, 05:35


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  2. Billy Franklin
    Billy Franklin 28 June, 2016, 05:35

    Lol great vids ­čÖé love the info´╗┐

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  3. Corinne Survivor71
    Corinne Survivor71 28 June, 2016, 05:35

    I tried the breadcrumb trail…it doesn't work.´╗┐

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  4. TheRoadPilgrim
    TheRoadPilgrim 28 June, 2016, 05:35

    Great video! Hope you make more! The weeping Rhino Rocks!´╗┐

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  5. Somebody LaMana
    Somebody LaMana 28 June, 2016, 05:35

    LOVE it, very useful & great timing!´╗┐

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  6. Tara Dodrill
    Tara Dodrill 28 June, 2016, 05:35

    Survival Skills 101: How to Survive If You're Lost in The Woods.´╗┐

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  7. DaBallger Q
    DaBallger Q 28 June, 2016, 05:35

    Lmao. Good stuff! ´╗┐

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  8. Reality Survival
    Reality Survival 28 June, 2016, 05:35

    Lmao. Good stuff! ´╗┐

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  9. mykalbee
    mykalbee 28 June, 2016, 05:35

    Hey Rhino, the guy you mentioned that drove off the road, was that the guy driving the Subaru w/kayaks on top? I think he was river guiding during the summer. Reason I ask is because I saw the initial missing report on the news here in Washington but as typical there was no follow up & I never heard┬áabout the outcome.┬áGreat info on your vid…thx.´╗┐

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  10. Bill McFarlane
    Bill McFarlane 28 June, 2016, 05:35

    If you have plenty of water go up. If not, go down.´╗┐

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  11. Bubba Love
    Bubba Love 28 June, 2016, 05:35

    good stuff man thank you. ┬á ┬á bubba´╗┐

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  12. Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 28 June, 2016, 05:35

    Fantastic Opening…´╗┐

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