Survival Kit: The 18-Item Wazoo Survival Gear Adventure Bracelet

So you want a paracord bracelet that does more than just looks pretty and is made of, well, paracord? Then you’ve got to check out the Wazoo Survival Gear Adventure Bracelet. This thing is a beast – it’s got so much gear that you will hardly believe it.


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Check out this list of items built into the bracelet:
Fire steel
Striker blade
Fishing Line
Fishing weights
First-aid tinder
Cable ties
Safety pins
Handcuff key
Ranger bands
Retro reflector
Surgical tubing

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  1. Luke Brown
    Luke Brown 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    I'm buying myn now

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  2. Thomas McGuire
    Thomas McGuire 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    cool design but price point much too high for a glorified paracord bracelet

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  3. Blutteufel
    Blutteufel 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Nothing this painfully gimmicky is ever worth wasting money on, folks. I'm getting so sick of this paracord fad….

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  4. jr o
    jr o 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Coll but can't believe ppl pay this much. If ppl are on YouTube its easy to learn how to make a bracelet. I make em all the time lol

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  5. Roy Brookes
    Roy Brookes 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Best Christmas ever I do not go any where out in "The OOLOO" with out it. Top bit of Kit ! ! I just wished I lived in The U.S.A. .Living in The U.K. We got "WACKED" with Import Tax which was a third of the price of the Braclet .
    I would order More kit From "WAZOO " Other wise .Great Video .

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  6. Samantha Mastanduono
    Samantha Mastanduono 3 June, 2016, 06:50


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  7. Sammyboy 102
    Sammyboy 102 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    nice video

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  8. LeSadW666
    LeSadW666 3 June, 2016, 06:50


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  9. Piink Dumbbells
    Piink Dumbbells 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    I couldnt figure out how to customize the color i wanted

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  10. Ned The Nerd
    Ned The Nerd 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    cool channel

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  11. Scooter Rutherford
    Scooter Rutherford 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Will a ceramic blade activate a fire steel? I thght you had to use steel?

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  12. Scooter Rutherford
    Scooter Rutherford 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Will a ceramic blade activate a fire steel? I thght you had to use steel?

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  13. P Nat
    P Nat 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    just ordered mine, can't wait to get it. nice review….new sub

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  14. bon vivant
    bon vivant 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Any issues with airplane security?

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  15. Daniel Lang
    Daniel Lang 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    beautiful! the buckle with the firesteel and whistle is very ok! but if no emergency need the paracord, once marched where it puts everything else? without risk of losing it?

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  16. Killer Assassion
    Killer Assassion 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    very good

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  17. GoPro Dude
    GoPro Dude 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Do you know what the paracord weave is, or anyone? Thanks and subbed!!

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  18. Zwordsman
    Zwordsman 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Since they never took it apart on camera.
    What parts of this can be used without destroying the band?
    As near as I can tell. Compass, fire steel, striker, whistle, mirror, glowlight, ranger bands, mirror, retro reflector can be used without breaking it apart.
    Paracord, tubing, and the plastic set that has the fishing gear can not be used without breaking down the braclet.
    Can the zip ties be used without taking it apart? Do they just pull out and you can slip new ones in?

    I was never sure how much you could take apart on these.

    I think I would love this, and then a paracord with a wire saw. That'd be nice to carry around easy.

    thanks for the nifty review

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  19. Jacob Kellyson
    Jacob Kellyson 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Wow! Adventure bracelet was 70 bucks! Now it's 92 dollars!

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  20. blizte3
    blizte3 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    be nice to have few of these for make neckles of more than three and bracelet one each wrist

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  21. Antony Andre'
    Antony Andre' 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Just another gimmick for a preppie know nothing.
    Better and bigger kit for 65.00 with ease and no tear down buy your own parts fit in a waist bag or pocket bag..
    People with money and no intuition are so gullible. 

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  22. Nipa Thaker
    Nipa Thaker 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    How can I make this again if I unravel it 

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  23. shaheen lambe
    shaheen lambe 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    it is cool

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  24. Bill Zimmerly
    Bill Zimmerly 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Excellent video! It was very thorough and I enjoyed the demo of fire starting at the end. WELL DONE, SIR! :)

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  25. NothingSpecial
    NothingSpecial 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    What is the pattern called? It seems well suited to supporting a large compliment of accessories. 

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  26. Eskeline
    Eskeline 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    they sued add the fire cord

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  27. db Cooper
    db Cooper 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Very well thought out,a side note the braided fishing line, braid is very strong but if using a regular fishing knot it will slip, the proper knot for this is called a polymar knot it's pretty simple and won't slip

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  28. misterK
    misterK 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Can you keep it on on a flight or you'll have a problem with razor, firestarter etc?

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  29. Robert Self
    Robert Self 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Why do you need a handcuff key

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  30. MyFacefaceface
    MyFacefaceface 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    dude id pay 85 bucks just for the handcuff key lmao

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  31. dday2086
    dday2086 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    Can I ask what model compass is on the bracelet I want to look at it's specs and product reviews…. been seeing compasses on bracelets that can continuously be off by 20 or more degrees?

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  32. Ryann Large
    Ryann Large 3 June, 2016, 06:50

    I'd rather make a small ammo pouch sized kit to sit on the small of my back.. Much less likely to lose it and for the same price include much higher quality easier to use items.

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