Some of my Hiking, camping, survival gear.

This is in response to a member in a group I belong to (Sry Jay, I think I didn’t say your name properly in the video). I don’t carry all of this gear at one time, it is gear that is kept in several different packs for different purposes depending on how long or what type of trip or hike I will be going on. There is a lot of gear that I don’t show in the video such as my cooking gear which is MSA 1 liter pots and I also use cast Iron if I’m not going to be hiking. I have 1 cast iron skillet, want to get a dutch oven and some smaller cast iron cooking gear. I also don’t show all of my guns and tarps for cover and ground cloths aren’t shown or much of my cordage like bank-line and 550 cord. I’m still looking for a “waxed” canvas tarp. I have purchased a Granfors Foresters Axe but its not the big one it pack size with a 24″ handle and a denatured alcohol stove which should be in this week. Yeah! cant wait.

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  1. TheZZQueen
    TheZZQueen 25 June, 2016, 07:20

    Me and my boyfriend are hiking and camping this fall at the grand canyon. Can't wait. I've never been camping or hiking so I just want to be sure of things so I won't die. Lol 

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  2. Survive Without
    Survive Without 25 June, 2016, 07:20

    love all that gear. I think we are all gear junkies. lol samual Thayer has another book you should add to your collection or atleast I would suggest it. I think its called natures garden. check out my video on my books you might see something you like:-)

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  3. JNSOutdoors
    JNSOutdoors 25 June, 2016, 07:20

    You're a dumbass!!! Sorry, you told me to and I couldn't resist. Honestly though, you've got a bunch of good lookin' stuff there. Much better quality than most of mine (yeah, I'm a little jealous 🙂 ). Good luck trying to organize it all though. I've been trying to get it *perfect* for longer than I care to admit. Might help to list it all out on paper, go out and use it marking it off the list if you use it, anything left on the list gets left behind next time (minus safety equipment).

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