PSA: Disaster Preparation

No matter how unrealistic it may seem and how far off you think danger could be, make a kit. Prepare for any disaster. Don’t wait for the worst.

PSA Project for Diele’s 6th Period Digital Media Production’s class.

Camera: Canon Rebel T2i (550D)
Editing: Windows Movie Maker

– Epic Apocalyptic Piano Instrumental by Shaun Taylor McManus

– Scary Tension/Suspense Music [HORROR] by TheEuphoricRager

– The Book of Eli OST: Panoramic by Atticus Ross

– Emergency Zombie Broadcast by Alex Zenk

Zombie Scenes Cut:
– PICNIC (Zombie Short Film) by Jorge Nunez

Disclaimer: We do not own claim ownership rights to the music or zombie short film scene cuts contained in this video. This video is solely intended for educational purposes.

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