Prepper Cold Weather Survival Gear Survive stranded in your Vehicle

I take you through my own personal prep gear that I keep in my family car during the cold season. Putting this video together on a cold January Day. The high today was -3 with an expected low of -34 degrees. That’s ambient temperature, not factoring in any wind chill.

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  1. Bruce Forster
    Bruce Forster 28 June, 2016, 15:43

    IMHO, you are putting WAY TOO MUCH faith in your cell phone! Do you want to have one? Absolutely; but from my own experience, we had a HUGE storm blow through here in 2007 which knocked the power out for six days. we had local landline service only, but could not dial outside our county. The cell system went down entirely during that time. The only reliable communication county-wide was CB-the ONLY communication we had with the State Capitol was Ham. The Three things I am NEVER without are 1. Water. 2. Light. 3. Communications-Ham Radio.

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  2. Bruce Forster
    Bruce Forster 28 June, 2016, 15:43

    Respectfully, I disagree with your statement against using your body to melt snow for drinking water. 3 years ago, two teenage boys got stranded on Mt. Hood in Oregon. They filled their canteens with snow, and put them in their inside pockets of their Winter Coats. In a couple of hours, the snow melted into water which they then consumed-they did this for five days until they were rescued. They did NOT hold them against the skin on their bodies… they used the warmer inner pockets of their clothing. I have done this myself in survival training & it works just fine.

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  3. ExcelDriveVideo
    ExcelDriveVideo 28 June, 2016, 15:43

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