News In Two Minutes – Disaster In The Philippines – Measles Outbreaks – Unrest In Bulgaria – China

Super Typhoon Continues — Syrian Rebels Recapture Aleppo — Measles Outbreaks in Humans and Marine Life — Comet Ison Video — Unrest in Egypt, Bulgaria, China — Quakewatch.

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In today’s News In Two Minutes we cover a wide range of events happening in the current news cycle.

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  1. Boki Mi
    Boki Mi 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    Look yt or google : us naval scalar plattform moved to philipines and north korea

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  2. Feifei Liu
    Feifei Liu 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    So sad to see this

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  3. Barbara Pieper
    Barbara Pieper 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    I had to find all my channels. Everything is gone from my channel. Loboalamo. Get ready to loose communication. I am loboalamo if we ever meet via some other method.

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  4. Barbara Pieper
    Barbara Pieper 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    Took down and obliterated loboalamo. Why?

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  5. Harm Ebbers
    Harm Ebbers 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    ison shot at and missed??
    or are those two strange stripes not so strange at all?

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  6. The Clouds Have Eyes
    The Clouds Have Eyes 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    Pause and review the footage of people in the Philippines @ 2:14… Pay close attention to their hands… You'll have serious questions about why their hands disappear, fingers grow longer, and the guy in yellow with what looks like a moving alien face on his yellow t-shirt. Holographic deception….

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  7. RebelRadius
    RebelRadius 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    5.4 earthquake in NZ???    Link?

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  8. Freyster 65
    Freyster 65 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    Good afternoon world, here is Sunday's news in 2 minutes from FullSpectrumSurvival….Peace and Good Will to All……

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  9. john peterson
    john peterson 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    The Son of God wants to give All Persons on the Earth The Spirit of God for a Teacher and Comforter Forever. The Spirit will bring All the Words of Christ to our Minds to be Married to our Hearts and Souls Forever. The Spirit will Teach us of things to Come. The Messiah gives us Perfect instructions to have The Spirit in the Bible book of John, chapters 14, 15, and 16. The Lamb of God is Worthy of our Repentance and Love. May the Peace of Christ be within you.

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    Mr R. SCHMUCK-SCHURZ 26 June, 2016, 17:26


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  11. Scowling Wolf
    Scowling Wolf 26 June, 2016, 17:26
  12. Scowling Wolf
    Scowling Wolf 26 June, 2016, 17:26
  13. Mary Greeley
    Mary Greeley 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    You sound depressed? hope all is going ok..

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  14. Reality Survival
    Reality Survival 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    Check out this video on YouTube:

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  15. Reality Survival
    Reality Survival 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    Poor Dolphins! That would suck to have measels and not be able to scratch them…. 

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  16. Christian Prerok
    Christian Prerok 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    GridXII is not supposed to include 'real' outages, however someone forgot to tell the i-r-ess. Go to irs(dot)gov and click on the header on the far right: "for tax pros." 
    It says "Planned Outage: November 9 — November 12, 2013"

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  17. MrEnergyCzar
    MrEnergyCzar 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    Comets are exciting… +1

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  18. DWilhoite Ky Guns & Fun!
    DWilhoite Ky Guns & Fun! 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    good mooring & good news!
    Peace, David

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  19. aurthordog
    aurthordog 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    Since when have dolphins ever gotten measles before?

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  20. Chris Kovarik
    Chris Kovarik 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    Thanks for the news.
    Have a good day all .

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  21. Patti Simmons
    Patti Simmons 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    Thanks FSS! Awesome as always! Prayers are sent up for all those who have been hit by the horrific weather systems occurring world wide. Also, I don't know if you knew Don Peterson aka BeePeeOilDisaster but he passed away 11/7. He was, as you are, a peaceful warrior and truth seeker. Thank you again for EVERYTHING you do, It will ALWAYS be appreciated! God Bless!

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  22. R94A21
    R94A21 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    1645-1715, Maunder minimum in the absence of solar activity, presumably due to the lack of solar magnetism, which in turn may have caused temporary reduction of Earth's magnetic field. Great comet of 1680.
    2013, weakest solar max activity in centuries,  solar magnetism shutting down, Earth's magnetism shutting down. Comet ISON.
    It's all about magnetism. Is ISON here because of the diminished heliosphere?

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  23. Tomas
    Tomas 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    My thoughts and prayers for the people of the Philippines and those about to get hit.

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  24. Tomas
    Tomas 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    Mornin FSS and all.  I have wireless headphones and have had the same pair for 3 years and tonight about 1:30 am B.C. Can I picked up some very strange interference on them… it made a noise like zep-zoop pause and then twice more all in perfect timing..I thought it may have been the movie so I replayed that part and it was not.  Does anyone have any idea what it may have been?

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  25. tom58569
    tom58569 26 June, 2016, 17:26
  26. truthloveandhonor
    truthloveandhonor 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    You da man. Poor Phillipines. :(

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  27. Glenn parent
    Glenn parent 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    thaks better then cnn

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  28. Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft & Survival
    Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft & Survival 26 June, 2016, 17:26

    really bad news this time, thanks for informing, Taro 

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