My Survival Kit – Top 10 SHTF Preps

With all the Disasters we face in our lives whether it be a severe winter vortex, scorching summer, tornado, flooding, earthquake, wild fires, hurricane, volcano, or even a man made disaster such as a declining Stock Market.
Having a good Emergency Kit and Plan for you and/or your family is one of the smartest ideas to ensure a higher of well being and security when it matters most.

This is just a very SMALL snap shot of what I have and I hope it can provide you with a very loosed based guide to help get you thinking and start your very own kit for you and yours.

Most Items are very budget friendly and can be found at a local supermarket, Wal-mart, etc….

Link to My Online Store: Handmade Custom Knives

Start a Fire or Die Video:

My EDC Survival Bag:

Emergency Self Igniting FireStarters:

My EDC Get Home Bag:

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  1. Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    you are on all counts

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  2. Jon B
    Jon B 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    Look folks, Sodium isn't the enemy.  It's not a big deal unless you have high blood pressure.  Your body needs sodium.  Good vid but I think he's a little over the top worrying about salt.  Salt ain't no big deal.  A box of Ramon is only $1.98 at Wal-Mart ..  A lot of food for hardly nothing.. So what you have some sodium.  If your outdoors and sweating a lot, you need some salt due to sodium loss from sweating.  Otherwise, just go easy on it.

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  3. StalU
    StalU 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    What is the name of those bags that u hold all that stuff? i mean that plastick bags with zip lock

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  4. SurfergirlKH
    SurfergirlKH 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    Imagine you have prepred everything so well and a tornado, earthquake or hurricane hits when you are somewhere else… boy that would suck ???

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  5. SurfergirlKH
    SurfergirlKH 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    You said you ar so paranoid that hygiene products go bad but what is with the new, unwashed undergarments? Do you really want the chemicals from producing and dying them on your and especially your kids skin? I know it is for an emergency situation but if you want the best, wash them ?first! And lets hope you will never have to use them! ✌️

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  6. John S
    John S 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    Best fire starters are Highway Flairs. 

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  7. Dacoda Azure
    Dacoda Azure 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    Ok, just because something says "No sugar added!" doesn't mean it's always true.

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  8. Chris Manzino
    Chris Manzino 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    I'm studying to become an Emergency Medicine Doctor, would a prepper take me and my family in for my services?

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  9. Evan Colby
    Evan Colby 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    I love peanut butter

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  10. Anthony Gomez
    Anthony Gomez 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    home Depot bucket, plastic, swimming noodle shit paper. toilet boo ya

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  11. AndDiracisHisProphet
    AndDiracisHisProphet 23 June, 2016, 20:25
  12. Tommy Wright
    Tommy Wright 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    consider swapping the noodles with dry beans and chicken cubes!

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  13. Ban Gay Marriage
    Ban Gay Marriage 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    Ramen is worthless as a survival food item. It doesn't have any fat or calories.

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  14. 50&Holding “RC” Cee
    50&Holding “RC” Cee 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    how long do these store for?

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  15. Kulappu Arachchige Thushara
    Kulappu Arachchige Thushara 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    Hey everyone, the best success that ive had was by using the Survivor Crusher System
    (i found it on google) without a doubt the best preppers that I've followed.

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  16. Queen MagicHeart
    Queen MagicHeart 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    None flush able baby wipes. We don't want to clog up toilets or pipes

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  17. TEST S
    TEST S 23 June, 2016, 20:25


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  18. Dragmore22
    Dragmore22 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    Drinking game>>> take a shot everytime he says sodium,>> take a shot everytime he does a funny voice or reference…

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  19. Brennan Louderback
    Brennan Louderback 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    As Dave Canterbury did, use the noodles from ramen, boil with freeze dried veggies, a few pinches of the seasoning, and some chopped up beef jerky, a pretty good meal.

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  20. Heroish17
    Heroish17 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    You are making a killing off those knives bud, if you're selling them. I think it's kinda wrong to sell a "survival" knife for $200 (just 1 knife). I would try to not scam your fellow man while everything is good. You give out some good ideas though.

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  21. Galactic Gage
    Galactic Gage 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    What's the book of Eli??????????

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  22. Galactic Gage
    Galactic Gage 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    Is this guy Mormon???

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  23. John Tedichwon
    John Tedichwon 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    Lmao all that fatwood and no candles? Like really bro?
    Humans have used candles for hundreds of years but seems since survival videos people have forgotten all about them.
    Really man, candles, they're pretty legit.

    So if you wanna quickly light up something in the next room you make a new fire that may or not may catch something else on fire ? Or do you burn another fatwood. Or if your neighbour needs a light, do you just hand him a stick?

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  24. Linda Wright
    Linda Wright 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    You've put a lot of thought into your emergency food supply. I would suggest you add Tang drink mix (same amount of Vitamin C as fresh orange juice but half the sugar calories of juice), replace the Pop Tarts with a big bag of oatmeal cookies (these make a whole grain, high protein breakfast when spread with peanut butter) and prepare the Ramen with the salty broth packet for flavor but then pour off the broth and add a drained small can of green beans to the noodles for dietary fiber and minerals. Add instant non-fat milk and packets of instant re-fried beans (on the Wal-Mart Mexican food aisle) to your food preps to boost the protein in your diet. Meat jerky is great for folks with good teeth, but not so good if you develop a dental problem during an emergency. The sugary liquid in sweetened canned fruit when mixed with re-hydrated dry milk makes a fairly good drink when chilled. Don't forget the dental floss for your dental preps or a container of pasteurized honey for use as an antiseptic for superficial lacerations..

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  25. Simmo GG
    Simmo GG 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    What does SHTF stand for?

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  26. Luisa Green
    Luisa Green 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    Great vid. It might not be the way we eat everyday but in a pinch I't:s better then going hungry , You just gave me a tip Thank;s for the share.

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  27. demond wooley
    demond wooley 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    very cool video… thanks for sharing :)

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  28. tyler ortiz
    tyler ortiz 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    Great video I will take alot of these and add them to my stockpile.

    just one big questiong though.

    where are all the guns?? animal trapping seriously lol how about a .22 rifle or a shotgun

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  29. Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

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  30. itsnotthesamething
    itsnotthesamething 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    Someone once told me that you can survive indefinitely on one heaping spoonful of peanut butter, and one large sweet potato per day. Maybe so, but I don't think I'd be happy.

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  31. Forewarned76
    Forewarned76 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    Save money on your traps, Just buy the Victor rat traps and use minwax on the wooden parts to protect it from the elements

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  32. Wise Student
    Wise Student 23 June, 2016, 20:25

    I've herd from many nutricionest and ND s don't store water in plastic….I drink only purified water.  Reverse osmosis is about the safest… I store in plastic and I can't smell or taste anything different…. Just my thoughts…!!

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