Inline Distributing Company Presents the Disaster Response Unit
Having supplied the building industry with construction products for more than 30 years, Inline has become the largest single source provider of environmental remediation, construction, packaging and janitorial products in the Western United States and now has six warehouses strategically located across the country. Recognized for their superior service, their growth is based on a sound business philosophy that allows them to provide the right combination of customer service and product pricing. Their philosophy is that their clients are their partners and they are committed to their growth and success.

The DRU is a fully stocked and continually replenishable mobile product & equipment warehouse, immediately deployed to disaster areas to assist restoration crews in mitigating the effects of the disaster. They represent Inline’s commitment to the restoration industry. These innovative mobile warehouses can be equipped in a moment’s notice to deal with any manmade or natural disaster, including oil spills, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods. Because these DRUs can be dispatched from Inline locations around the country, response time is fast so that mitigation and restoration efforts can get underway quickly.

When a natural or manmade disaster occurs, a customer can contact Inline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and request the mobile DRU be sent to the location. Not only can the mobile warehouse be supplied with all of the materials needed for disaster recovery to begin, but the efforts will also benefit from other DRU features, including on-site satellite reception and generators that will be invaluable to restoration efforts. Additionally, the unit can act as a command center where efforts can be coordinated efficiently throughout an affected area. Regardless of where the disaster occurs, Inline can deploy a DRU immediately from any of the company’s six strategically placed locations in northern California, southern California, central Florida, New Jersey, Denver, and Houston.

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    Good information to have when you need help. 

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