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The Gerber Crucial is a compact EDC multi-tool without a lot of stuff you probably won’t use. This keeps it light enough to use the pocket clip for everyday carry. Pliers, screwdrivers, knife and strap cutter.

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  1. Craig Sundaram
    Craig Sundaram 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Looks like a big dime to be honest.

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  2. Fran Mitch
    Fran Mitch 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    It is the most worthless junk I bought threw mine in the glove box and forgot about it the original models hands down were good to carry

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  3. KrownSkull
    KrownSkull 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    the only MT i own is the leatherman surge (1st gen). it kinda hard to trust any other brand of MT once you've owned a leatherman. brian not sure if you feel the same way?

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  4. Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft & Survival
    Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft & Survival 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Hi Bryan, that's really a great Multi tool, thanks for explaining, wish you a great week my friend, Taro

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  5. Nor Wester (4Rescue)
    Nor Wester (4Rescue) 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Good little tool, and as always a well done vid from SOP… but from experience (and I'm still bitter that Gerber, who I was testing for when they came out with this never addressed this issue…) be VERY careful using those "Wire cutters" for anything serious.  The hinge/joint has been known to give rendering the tool useless (unless you LIKE your pliers in a "two part" set-up).  otherwise, I still have one of the ones that survived, I just use it for certain things and leave the wire-cutting to the other, tougher tools that were truly meant to handle that stuff.  Again, great vid, thanks for taking the time to make it.  All the best to you and yours.

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  6. Lt Survival
    Lt Survival 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Nice little multy tool good knife on it too. that is kind of rare. great job on those feather. atb Louis

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  7. Spike Bachman
    Spike Bachman 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Hey Bryan. Could you tell us how this felt in-pocket? I'd like to EDC my multitool, but it's too big and a belt sheath won't work at my job. Is this too obtrusive for practical pocket carry? Thanks

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  8. T.W. Milburn (skillet210)
    T.W. Milburn (skillet210) 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    'morning, Bryan; Good stoking stuffer 4 the price. Thanks 4 sharing          ATB " T "

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  9. Gargoyle
    Gargoyle 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Hey! I am 12 years old and am really interested in bushcraft and such. I have a cottage in northern Canada with a very large forest. Could anyone recommend me any cheao gear (just the basics like a hatchet, knife…) and skills to get me started? I would be so grateful! anything in the price range of 0-35$ (Canadian) most stores in the US do not deliver to Canada so if you have anything to suggest please check first! Thank you so much!

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  10. Central Oregon Survival Network
    Central Oregon Survival Network 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Great friend…lol Why do you like the Gerber Serrated edge? Thanks Bryan

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  11. Jake Riethmeier
    Jake Riethmeier 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Totally unrelated to the video….By the way Bryan, I recall to make Tenderfoot, that the First Aid Merit badge was required, It actually maybe was required for the rank of Scout. I am Combat Lifesaver certified by the US Army… HOWEVER if I see something missing in all of my survival channel you tube watching, there is little discussion of first aid at all. Other than kits. I mean knives and guns and starting fire is cool…. BUT a good scout knows how to sling a limb, build a stretcher, treat a cut, keep somebody from going hypothermic or into shock and he learns all of this before he can attain the very bottom of the ladder of being a Boy Scout IE when he's like what 12 years old? Might not get many views, but man the people that DO watch…. You might save a life. Just a suggestion. But if you do it keep it out of the handbook. I know you aren't an EMT But if me and you were fishing or hunting, I'm pretty darned sure you could make it okay if I got hurt till I got to the experts and vice versa. Sorry for Rambling, Merry Christmas et all.

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  12. Jake Riethmeier
    Jake Riethmeier 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    I was actually thinking about sending you a Gerber Dime, NOT mine, if you gave it to a deserving scout that has his Totin' Chip card in memory of my Grandpa. You could video it if you wanted first. But you wouldn't have to cause it would cost you 15 bucks probably in the end.

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  13. Shoto Kido
    Shoto Kido 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Thanks for the heads up Bryan.  I'm not a Gerber fan, but this might not be a bad tool to have in the console of the car.  That locking strap cutter seems useful.

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  14. Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors
    Blue Mountain Bushcraft and Outdoors 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    That looks like a pretty handy little tool. Replace that strap cutter with a wood saw and I'd be in. 

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  15. guns4funcajanajustin
    guns4funcajanajustin 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Nice review Bryan!

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  16. MI Timberwookie
    MI Timberwookie 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Good to have in a pocket, great review.

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  17. Chris Dell
    Chris Dell 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Hey Bryan just wanted to let you know to keep up the great work over there all your videos are great. My father and I have watched probably half of your videos now. Great stuff seriously all your videos are to the point and very informative. Even though you ramble hahaha. Also any idea when the schrade slim prototype you had on your thanksgiving marathon will be coming to market. I'm new to knives and it looks to be a great edc knife.

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  18. Dean O
    Dean O 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Gotta love the free knives

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  19. Jamie Hitt
    Jamie Hitt 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Nice tool.  I have one and like it very much.  I think some folks have had bad experiences with certain Gerber products.  Not all of their stuff is bad, though.  Here's an example.  Sony has had models available at Walmart that were not available at Sears.  The Sears models were the real deal, full featured and priced as such.  The Walmart models were bare bones crap models that were less expensive.  I think Gerber has made similar offerings or at least is has appeared that way to me.  Any thoughts on that?

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  20. SAZonYouTube
    SAZonYouTube 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Good advice. I too always say thank you.
    I had a viewer send me a knife for review.
    He told me it was only $10 and is a buck clone.
    I said thank you and that I appericiate it and I do very kind of someone to do such things.
    Great vid keep up the great work loved the Christmas gift vid too. 

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  21. dofishbuster
    dofishbuster 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    I have an older Gerber but I was thinking about getting one for someone as a present. As I was looking at them I noticed the Phillips screwdriver point seems kind of "wimpy" compared to the older ones. Now I have not used one of the newer ones but I was wondering what is your take on it. Oh and I noticed that you did not "balance test" this one but then it is not a knife but a multitool LOL.

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  22. KennethKramm
    KennethKramm 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Nice review, Bryan..  A good tool for $20 is worth looking at.   ATB, Ken

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  23. Stiletto
    Stiletto 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Today's video is a first look at the Gerber Crucial, a compact EDC pocket carry multi-tool that's under $25. I hope you like it. #EDC @Gerber_Gear

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  24. Robert Santistevan
    Robert Santistevan 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing ;)

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  25. Scouting Free
    Scouting Free 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Wow, for 20 bucks, this looks like a great deal! Thanks for the vid Bryan, Cheers, Marc

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  26. A Jr
    A Jr 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Merry Christmas to you as well.

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  27. duxdawg
    duxdawg 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Check out this video on YouTube:

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  28. ckingclosur
    ckingclosur 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    It is handy to have ; not bulky 

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  29. Jerome Kukurugya
    Jerome Kukurugya 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Thanks for the heads up on this, definitely keep my eye out for it, looks like a nice addition to add to a kit or glovebox.  

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  30. magnus andersson
    magnus andersson 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    More Gerber products Brian:)

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  31. AiraCord USA
    AiraCord USA 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    I have this multi tool and I love it! I also did a review on it.. Another place you can strike a ferro rod on it is at the base of the strap cutter!

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  32. Stanley Sprow
    Stanley Sprow 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    I like gerber too! Good video Bryan ! Merry Christmas!

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  33. JW's BulletsNBlades
    JW's BulletsNBlades 18 July, 2016, 19:44

    Today's video is a first look at the Gerber Crucial, a compact EDC pocket carry multi-tool that's under $25. I hope you like it. #EDC @Gerber_Gear

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