First Job Survival Skills Unit 2: It’s Not My Problem…. Scene

The First Job Survival Series will teach your students what it takes to be a perfect employee! The First Job Survival Series illustrates the interpersonal skills and personal qualities employees must have to survive and grow in the workplace. “The students loved First Job Survival Skills. The humor helped them “digest the material more readily.” -Diana Marks

Surviving the first 90 days does not guarantee that he or she will become a permanent employee. Unit 2 teaches students the BIG 11 must have attributes needed for continued workplace success:

• Trustworthy
• Cooperative
• Appearance
• Language
• Social ability
• Tolerant
• Self-control
• Self-esteem
• Focus
• Customer friendly
• Responsibility
• And more!

Watch as this employee shows us what NOT to do at work in this humorous video-modeling scene of Unit 2.

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  1. James Stanfield Company
    James Stanfield Company 26 June, 2016, 20:39

    Did you know that 60% of students lack the soft skills needed for workplace success?

    Watch as this employee shows us his lack of soft skills in this humorous scene from First Job Survival Skills! #workskills   #softskills #SpecialEd  

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