Family Disaster Plan and Personal Survival Guide

Visit To Every American Who Is Serious About Protecting His Family, & Helping His Neighbors Family Disaster Plan and Personal Survival Guide

At least once a year, have a meeting with your family to discuss and update your disaster plan. Determine what additional training, equipment, and supplies are needed.
Practice! Occasional drills can improve reaction time and help to avoid panic in an actual emergency

But you, your family, and even closest friends will be safe.

In fact, I’ve found a number of free or dirt-cheap ways to protect yourself, that are definitely more realistic.

The single most important thing your family needs (after a plan) in the event of a hurricane, tornado, flood, or civil war.
Top 7 ways to lock-down your house mere minutes after a terrorist attack. Terrorists and looters will have no chance — in fact they won’t even know you’re there!
Two heirlooms that are turning your living room into a death trap! Three minute fix will make all the difference in the world! (Hint: these can demolish your floor in an earthquake).
One small factor that could be turning your windows into prison bars during a fire — this is extremely important for houses older than 2 years old!
Number one change you MUST make in your children’s bedroom. This is most likely opposite what you have now — but it makes a difference!

These small changes can save your life, as well as make your home more secure.


Being prepared will increase your odds of survival.
You will feel more secure knowing that your family, workplace or classroom is prepared.
You will feel less fearful and more at ease about an upcoming disastrous event.
(This is especially evident with children.)
It will give you a sense of pride knowing that you are able to help others survive until help arrives.
Being prepared will show that you are being a responsible role model and care about the safety of your family, coworkers or students.

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