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http://survivalkitsbook.info/ In an article from infowars.com titled ‘2012 Food Crisis Means Financial Armageddon’ indicates that we are facing some pretty serious food problems this year. In the article, the author is expecting triple digit food inflation in items such as rice, wheat, soy, and corn.

He paints a pretty bleak picture when he describes the 2012 food crisis to be THE CRISIS and says that this is the doomsday scenario. According to the author, this will make the mortgage crisis look minuscule, and he is predicting panic over our food supplies.

As China begins to develop and grow as an industrial country, the Chinese citizens are now consuming more. The implications that this has is huge not only because production of food is falling short, but also because the worldwide crops in 2012 suffered badly due to inclement weather.

The USDA has apparently been suppressing the real data on real food supplies. Without knowing the real food supplies available, people have been over consuming food during an actual food shortage. When the USDA should have been showing the true data which indicated a lower production of food, they adjusted production numbers higher to meet China’s demand.

So, on paper it shows that supply is meeting demand when the opposite is true. The crops are harvested in the spring and fall each year, and if food prices are kept artificially low, then over consumption occurs. Each harvest is meant to sustain us until the next harvest is available, but food reserves are at all time lows.

What is amazing and what most people don’t know is that the U.S. has declared half the counties in the Midwest to be disaster areas. That includes 274 counties in the past 30 days. The criteria that the government uses to determine if a county is a disaster area is if there is a 30% loss of one crop.

In many states in the Midwest the ground has been so saturated that the crops simply aren’t getting to maturity. A lack of sunlight, hail, rain, and water washing away essential nitrogen fertilizers is causing crops to fail.

So, what should the average person do in this situation? It’s simple. You should prepare. I know it sounds mountain man crazy, but think about it. Up until the past 80 years, people stored food year round for crop shortage and failures. It can happen to us as well.

What do we do about the inflated food prices? Once again, you should prepare. What are many economists suggesting you do to fight the coming inflation? Buy hard assets like food, and most importantly buy gold and silver. Gold and silver will go up in value as prices go up, so you won’t have to worry about losing purchasing power.

It’s really a simple process. Take those intrinsically worthless pieces of paper in your wallet and trade them for something of value. Gold and silver are money, and are a store of your money when prices rise. If you put it off, you will not only lose considerable amounts of purchasing power, but could risk going without the essential items you need.

God Bless.


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