DIY: Zombie Survival Kit

Hello everyone! ^-^

This is my first video and I hope you enjoy it!
I made this as a gift for my best friend who loves Zombies and I thought I would share it with all of you! 😀

Have an awesome day and I will see you guys soon! ^-^

(The intro melody is the opening theme to The Walking Dead – all rights reserved to the rightful owners)

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  1. David Cramer
    David Cramer 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    if I make this I'll die wen it starts

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  2. Britget de Geus
    Britget de Geus 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    om the wal King

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  3. The Little Cow
    The Little Cow 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    Omg youre danish :D

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  4. Fernando Garcia
    Fernando Garcia 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    I put antibiotics instead of pills #stillWaitingForTheApocalypse

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  5. Ashley's Awesome World
    Ashley's Awesome World 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    omg I love the walking dead. if I were you I'd get a tool box some more weapons water and food. but good job!

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  6. Hadas Berman
    Hadas Berman 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    This video was great!!!! Totally making 3 of these for me my brother and sister!!! Love u!!

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  7. Christian Hogan
    Christian Hogan 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    ???? nice video thanks i made one

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  8. Oscar MW
    Oscar MW 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    that is actually really good

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  9. diogo magalhaes
    diogo magalhaes 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    Great work :)

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    GAMERS WORLD ™ 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    I think you'd die before the zombie apocalips even starts XD

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  11. Isaac Islas
    Isaac Islas 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    twd song!

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  12. Zomaar_Kelin
    Zomaar_Kelin 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    Where did you het the gun?

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  13. Rasmus Petersen
    Rasmus Petersen 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    hvor i danmark bor du @bubbleGumsmilez

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  14. Nokturnal Island
    Nokturnal Island 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    Omg, this is SOOO creative! It's so nice to see people doing tutorials on THE WALKING DEAD too! Most of my tutorials are on TWD too because I love the show so much LOL. I loved this so much, you did such a great job! I just posted a tutorial on a Carl Grimes tutorial 🙂 Check it out when you get the chance! :)

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  15. Dejvova Videa
    Dejvova Videa 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    pls be necessary to use tempera paints? and may be glue Hercules?

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  16. Toast
    Toast 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    i think i am going to make it too,greetings from Limburg holland

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  17. Katherine Camara
    Katherine Camara 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    I'm totally making this for my boyfriend.
    Great video :)

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  18. Sadye Robertson
    Sadye Robertson 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    I love your kit i have one too

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  19. Sadye Robertson
    Sadye Robertson 28 June, 2016, 23:45
  20. Sadye Robertson
    Sadye Robertson 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    My cosent is in germeny. How old are you

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  21. Sadye Robertson
    Sadye Robertson 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    Hi what state do you live in i live in PA

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  22. NoobyWarfare Ta-Da-Gra
    NoobyWarfare Ta-Da-Gra 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    Very nice.

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  23. Sadye Robertson
    Sadye Robertson 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    I like the music at the begening

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  24. Spy Babi
    Spy Babi 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    I don't understand why you need fake pain killers? Wouldn't real ones be helpful?

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  25. Apex
    Apex 28 June, 2016, 23:45

    best! 😀 i like it

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  26. BeeChannie
    BeeChannie 28 June, 2016, 23:45


    Cool, I totally like that you are talking slow, and the steps are good too! Really good for a first video! :D

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