Disaster preparedness Cook kit for hiking, camping, & SHTF. Part 2

Final part of disaster all hazard cook set or mess kit. The gas option with some cheaper hacks using propane. live demo toward the end.

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  1. Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts 31 May, 2016, 20:15

    A fire can be caused by a spark. So use what you want as long as you are careful.

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  2. Caballero S.
    Caballero S. 31 May, 2016, 20:15

    solo stove

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  3. United Civil Emergency Services Agency of Rhode Island
    United Civil Emergency Services Agency of Rhode Island 31 May, 2016, 20:15

    Great video as always. We really like the stove options and adapter kit for the propane bottles. You have a great area to test gear and get away. There is nothing like that in our state. Thanks again my friend.

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  4. youtube sucks
    youtube sucks 31 May, 2016, 20:15

    Easy tripwire alarm systems https://youtu.be/nFMgUN0mwP8

    Useful apps for security and self defence https://youtu.be/BTJxTX0caAI

    Avoiding Drones shtf combat https://youtu.be/FiKzVy7B4DQ

     Hiding from facial recognition software https://youtu.be/dbodRCVIWSA

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  5. Subgunman
    Subgunman 31 May, 2016, 20:15

    I found that if you take the wire style finger guard from a 4 inch computer fan and place it on top of the butane stove tri arms you wind up with a more stable surface for the GI cup or for smaller espresso camp brewers. Does not add too much weight and if it rusts through just grab another one off of some old piece of surplus electronics. FYI, propane has a higher pressure than the butane/propane mix in those overpriced canisters, thus the greater output from the little stove.

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  6. LordTimelord
    LordTimelord 31 May, 2016, 20:15

    Nice two part video Guerrillacomm! I had not seen the 1lb Propane to Propane/Butane Canister Adapters before. I now need to go find one for my cooking kit! 🙂

    DANGER! NEVER use gasoline in an alcohol stove! It's too volatile and will most likely burn you from it's rapid ignition! It will burn in a matter of seconds vs. the minutes you would want to properly heat something up.

    However you CAN use Isopropyl Alcohol (the kind you get in the First Aid aisle at stores) in an alcohol stove. The 90-95% will burn hotter than the slightly cheaper 80-85% varieties. Denatured Alcohol will burn the hottest, followed by the Isopropyl Alcohol. Between those two fuel types, you can find them just about anywhere. It can also come in handy for any cuts and scrapes you get while in the back country to clean/disinfect the wound!

    From my personal experience, using Isopropyl Alcohol will add roughly four minutes to your boil time on two cups of cold water vs. Denatured Alcohol. So if it would normally take 6-8min to boil two cups of water with Denatured Alcohol, it'll take 10-12 minutes to boil the same amount of water with 95% Isopropyl Alcohol.

    For anyone that doesn't know. School Science classes usually use Isopropyl Alcohol in their burners, since it's safer than Denatured Alcohol if they get tipped over while they are burning. ;-)

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  7. SurvivalComms
    SurvivalComms 31 May, 2016, 20:15

    Great info thanks for sharing ! I like the propane adaptor.

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  8. jim McMillen
    jim McMillen 31 May, 2016, 20:15

    Thanks great video..  Can you show how you made that koozie.. That's also good idea..Thanks

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