Compact Survival Kit

Learn where to get the orange zipper bag here –…

Where I buy my gear –

Video remake of my glovebox survival kit. Some changes have been made thanks to some recommendations by viewers. I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to view this before I post my next video that will be related.

There is a reason why I have focused on bug out bags recently. In my next video, you will see why. You do not want to miss it.

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  1. Elec Bush
    Elec Bush 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    It is better to have and not need than to need and not have

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  2. Anthony Gomez
    Anthony Gomez 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    that maxpidition bag is it 12×5. those things are great I store my cooking supplies in it

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  3. zdenál anál
    zdenál anál 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    co ty ses za šulina :D

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  4. Ray Headrick
    Ray Headrick 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    Hello Sir. What books are on your work bench ???

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  5. Doods Dayto
    Doods Dayto 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    Thanks, gave me ideas, My Cs just went up to 12!!!

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  6. Leon
    Leon 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    Really helpful video, keep up the good advices, thanks

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  7. craZy gamer
    craZy gamer 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    it must suck getting pulled over

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  8. Anthony Gomez
    Anthony Gomez 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    great stuff

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  9. dale carpenter
    dale carpenter 31 May, 2016, 19:54
  10. Jerj100
    Jerj100 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    The ONLY thing thats missing is a BaoFung UV-5R Orange handheld ham radio! Any frequency vhs and uhf! Has a flashlight and FM radio. And can also connect with FRS too!

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  11. rickd248
    rickd248 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    I am of two mind here. There are times that I want to be found and there may come a time I don't want to be found. That's why I don't go with all orange. I see nothing wrong with having both in my kit. To be perfectly honest with you, I don't like your attitude or your language. If you have to resort to that then you don't have much of an argument.

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  12. Bizarre Weirdo
    Bizarre Weirdo 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    I see that lisence plate hail hittler bitch

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  13. Explorer812
    Explorer812 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    What kind of knife is that?

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  14. laura atkinson
    laura atkinson 31 May, 2016, 19:54
  15. Nicolas Mamba
    Nicolas Mamba 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    You like orange !

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  16. ArmoredMonkey Dood
    ArmoredMonkey Dood 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    wrap your super glue in duct tape just encase it explodes

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  17. Stian Lien Suphammer
    Stian Lien Suphammer 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    Is that t-shirt a litle to big?

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  18. Jessy Forrest20
    Jessy Forrest20 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    (street )

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  19. Jessy Forrest20
    Jessy Forrest20 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    for some reason he reminds me of Grover from seasamy

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  20. John F. Kennedy
    John F. Kennedy 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    Let me make a few important suggestions from experience. Quickclot has been deemed as an item that should not be used. It has been found that it could cause some undesirable side effects in treating an open wound. Personally, I don't see how gluing a wound would be advantageous or safe. If you really need to close a large wound duct tape could be used to close it. Then get treatment from medically trained professionals if that be required.

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  21. Paul Rogge
    Paul Rogge 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    er hat einfach den deutschen adler an der wand

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    W0ND3R OFFICIAL 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    Can I just buy the pack straight from you? This is a cool pack!

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  23. Virginia Hawthorne
    Virginia Hawthorne 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    The bag link is gone

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  24. Krehyv
    Krehyv 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    Great pack and great video. Much appreciated!

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  25. hesa nate
    hesa nate 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    This guy is so dumb he is adding endings to words. And he talks way to much !

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  26. ZxVenom
    ZxVenom 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    This kit sucks and he takes 6 minutes to even start talking about the kit. I suggest looking at other kit videos and save your time.

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  27. Outdoor Archives
    Outdoor Archives 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    Nice well rounded kit.

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  28. Sam Greene
    Sam Greene 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    I think one thing you missed was food.I think you should pack some food rations.or something like granola bars

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  29. isaias ramirez
    isaias ramirez 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    7 minutes of prattle. Get to the items

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  30. James Ritchie
    James Ritchie 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    Buy a car big enough for bugout.

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  31. Charlie Skorupa
    Charlie Skorupa 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    ur fucking voice made me suicidal

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  32. Jairus Kent
    Jairus Kent 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    DAMN you have a lot of gear in your car! I would like to say that you should try to work on improving skills instead of adding gear. I love gear like everyone else and I even find myself falling into this mindset of more gear. We all need to be aware of it.

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  33. Dinh Ngoc Thieu
    Dinh Ngoc Thieu 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    Who watch it in 2016 ?

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  34. Harry Black
    Harry Black 31 May, 2016, 19:54

    Not only is this the best kit Ive seen, its one of the few actual good kits Ive seen. I also like the logic of how you see it being carried, so many people would pull out a kit that size and claim it goes in their pockets or on their belt everyday.

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