Coghlan’s Survival Kit-In-A-Can

Join ITS Tactical as we continue our Pocket Survival Kit Review series with the Coghlan’s Survival Kit-In-A-Can. The full review with detailed photos can be found here on ITS:

See our First video review on the Whistle Creek Kit mentioned in the video here:

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  1. Katrina Carpenter
    Katrina Carpenter 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    It needs a fire steel

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  2. The Smart Budget Channel
    The Smart Budget Channel 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    The candy/bubble gum would help with anyone with low blood sugar issues.

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  3. rammur1
    rammur1 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    looks like galvanized 6 d nails.

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  4. jelkel25
    jelkel25 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    It's a good start but the fact it doesn't have a closable lid makes a big difference. It's so easy to loose things at night, if you're distressed or have lack of energy through not eating. What if you have water in your resealable bag? Where are you going to put the rest of the kit? Maybe look for an Altoids type tin elsewhere as your first ''to do'' item? Secondly, I'd attach everything like fish hooks, sailing needle to duct tape (to the lid?) to make them harder to loose.

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  5. Gavin Nanayakkara
    Gavin Nanayakkara 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    it would be great if it had a knife, at least a small folding one.

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  6. Love Doctor
    Love Doctor 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    the nails are the standard grade 20cm type

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  7. Fish Sticks
    Fish Sticks 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    It is a sticky signaling mirror

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  8. U1T1MATR1X
    U1T1MATR1X 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    Is the fish line sewing thread? It looks like Sewing Line.

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  9. steps2survival
    steps2survival 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    Interesting kit…. I made a survival kit in a can on my youtube channel steps2survival check it out if you like…

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  10. Devin West
    Devin West 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    not much positivity.

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  11. Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    8 penny for short

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  12. Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    the nails are 20 cm standard grade type

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  13. Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    cool awesome kit I make those for fun

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  14. DayzSurvivalist .Z
    DayzSurvivalist .Z 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    i Bought this kit, it was $12.99 CDN and all contents cam with a label Hmm,

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  15. Zack M.
    Zack M. 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    looks to be an 8 penny

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  16. Jaron Gittinger
    Jaron Gittinger 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    for people that don't want to watch this video (like me) read this

       1 chicken bullion packet, two twistie ties, 1 survival booklet, about 1 foot of duct tape, 1 zip lock bag note paper 2 band aids, 1 square of foil, 1 packet of salt, match book, tea bag, string, compass, needle, fishing line, 1 stick of dubble bubble gum, 1 peppermint, 1 whistle, 2 alcohol pads, 1 safety pin, 2 fire starting cubes, 2 8 penny nails, 2 fish hooks, metal wire, 4 waterproof matches, 1 pencil, 1 packet of sugar,  

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  17. Descriptive Louis
    Descriptive Louis 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    I own this company

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  18. tyler sproles
    tyler sproles 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    it is an 8 penny nail

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  19. Lukasz Rafal ski
    Lukasz Rafal ski 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    About how much this this set cost I might think about picking one up 

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  20. FunnyBrosGame
    FunnyBrosGame 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    8 penny nail

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  21. Anna Munoz
    Anna Munoz 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    Awesome information, thank you for sharing. I love that you provided your input on each item and compared it to the whistle creek brand. 

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  22. Kasper Jarlbak Overgaard
    Kasper Jarlbak Overgaard 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    Nice video

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  23. Daniel Nahum
    Daniel Nahum 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    How much money is the survival kit in a can? Also where can you find it?

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  24. Dave Cason
    Dave Cason 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    The WHOLE point of this kit is it fits in your pocket so you always have it.  Most of us have a back/day pack when we're out hunting or camping – what if you lose it?  That's why this sits in your pocket. And for the size and price – what the heck!

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  25. Red Frames
    Red Frames 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    Hi thanks for the great review. Have you tried it though? As in take just the can and go away for the weekend and see if it's doable to survive on this? now that would be a cool youTube vid 🙂

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  26. deputy1040
    deputy1040 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    Replace tea bag with a condom, no not for sex but for water storage. It will hold about a liter of water!

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  27. ʄɛʟʟօա ʄɛʟɨx
    ʄɛʟʟօա ʄɛʟɨx 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    those fire starting cubes look like a piece of a kit kat

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  28. Jason Miller
    Jason Miller 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    on my survival course i was givin this same kit but stripped down and i didi just fine its a good little kit but just over priced

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  29. Nathan Linfoot
    Nathan Linfoot 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    Thx im totally getting this one

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  30. BankaiZber43
    BankaiZber43 24 June, 2016, 17:05
  31. FreakishlyTrue
    FreakishlyTrue 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    Cool vid thanks.

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  32. Axcell Hernandez
    Axcell Hernandez 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    cool but this good for camping

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  33. Isaiah Alaimo
    Isaiah Alaimo 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    Nice review

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  34. powerhousephg
    powerhousephg 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    lol that kit sucks. nice review though.

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  35. 12amormidnight
    12amormidnight 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    I do not want it to get to bulky though, I want it to be a functonal wallet. Current dimensions when closed are 4 1/2 in wide, 4 3/8 in tall and 1 1/4 in depth. If anyone has any ideas feel free to let me know, and thank you.

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  36. 12amormidnight
    12amormidnight 24 June, 2016, 17:05

    What was built into my current wallet was 2 utility knife blades and 2 hobby knife blades wrapped in paper(no plane flights for me) and sealed in the wallet by the ductape around it. I plan on adding hooks, some fishing line and some split shot to my next one. If anyone has any ideas of things I could add to this please tell me. The ductape I use is a reflective silver and a bright orange and I have canabalized this wallet many times for repaires and just for a spare blade at work.

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