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  1. Vlad S
    Vlad S 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    and a huge bubble in the compass. was it in there from the beginning?

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  2. L Roz
    L Roz 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Good advice !! Thanks !!

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  3. loving me some outdoors
    loving me some outdoors 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Looks like you've never used any of this in the field. but we'll take your word for it.

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  4. William Wright
    William Wright 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    I bought this base kit and used your video to help me get ideas to make it better. Thank you.

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  5. Outdoor Archives
    Outdoor Archives 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Nice kit. Been looking at some sling packs, got some ideas from here.

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  6. William Burr
    William Burr 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Can't go wrong with the Mora Bushcraft Black; its a nice addition to Dave Canterbury's bag.

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  7. oxycrimson
    oxycrimson 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    well thats neither here nor there, da de da, whatever, why do I like 40 ounces? cause its 40 ounces why does the volume go to 11? because 11 is more than 10…

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  8. oxycrimson
    oxycrimson 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    seven and a half pounds? That's one hell of a man crush on Dave, hope he appreciates it. did you say that you've never used this kit? next time just send him a Valentines card and stop wasting our time.

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  9. paulie 4x
    paulie 4x 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Infact I'm going through my second set. Although I got both sets very cheap at the pawn shop.

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  10. paulie 4x
    paulie 4x 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Thanx, I'm looking for a new set, my Old Boy Scout of America Set is sort of beat up, Thanx Bro.

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  11. Devin Holmes
    Devin Holmes 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Do you have a name or link for the cook set? Also, does the fishmouth spreader really allow it to hang when full? I would imagine it would be too heavy.

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  12. jmtnvalley
    jmtnvalley 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    My main belly ache about the canteen: They didn't make the mouth compatible with Nalgene wide mouth accessories.

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  13. eddiesizer
    eddiesizer 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    So where did u buy all this shit

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  14. schreckpmc
    schreckpmc 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    He said "reach around."

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  15. Mark E Pugliano
    Mark E Pugliano 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Where did you get yours, was it called "Camp Fire Survival Cooking Kit"? I like your set up. Thank you very much for the video and any info you can provide thanks.

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  16. snaponjohn100
    snaponjohn100 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Great job. Very well thought out. Be blessed john 

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  17. TheLadsOutdoors
    TheLadsOutdoors 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    whats the pack

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  18. kenny cadarett
    kenny cadarett 25 June, 2016, 21:53
  19. mike j.  v.
    mike j. v. 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    hey cooties now thats old school  .. cool man

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  20. GreenDesertCamper
    GreenDesertCamper 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    I don't mind the kitchen sink… lol   ;-)

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  21. Stargazer131000
    Stargazer131000 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    On another review of the pathfinder canteen, it was mentioned that the middle ridge around the canteen is the 32 oz, marker. Verify to make sure but the person who made the statement was a seller. Please tell me again where you got the small side pocket on the right side,  It sounded like some sort of magnifying glass holder????   Nice overall review.  thanks.

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  22. Never Feed the Roaches
    Never Feed the Roaches 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Great perspective, I like the expandability. 

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  23. MysticKnight38
    MysticKnight38 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    that air bubble in the compass will give false readings….I wouldn't trust it.

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  24. Dick Fageroni
    Dick Fageroni 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    really awesome. hey, maybe you can get gear made out of lead, that would be even heavier.

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  25. Kayakwinds
    Kayakwinds 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Nicely done. I do have an observation:  Personally, I  think people often overlook the need for some sort of chemical fire–alcohol is my favorite. If you are touring on a bike or motorcycle and it is getting very late or bad weather is moving  in, a wood fire may not be feasible. Legal restrictions figure into the equation, too.

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  26. jason hullihen
    jason hullihen 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    tons of room.. seeing this video makes me want to make another one of mine i have many of the same items only smaller ones.. but thanks..

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  27. BUSHCRAFTY - better out bush.
    BUSHCRAFTY - better out bush. 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    thought this was gonna be a review…

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  28. flon57
    flon57 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    nice pack

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  29. John James
    John James 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    what is the small side pouch, i am in uk molle is not so easy to get 

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  30. A V
    A V 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    I noticed the air bubble in the Silva compass.  Doesn't the air bubble make the readings unreliable?

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  31. N101RG
    N101RG 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Excellent kit.  I try not to spend that much, but I have everything that you have and then some.  I guess my only critique of yours is I would add a small pouch on the other side instead of the expanded one and throw in a couple of Lipton Chicken noodle soups and a few energy bars and perhaps a few hot chocolate/ coffee pouches in case I got stranded overnite somewhere.  Making a fire is important but some soup and a hot chocolate before I crawl into the mylar bag in the middle of the leaf pile helps.  

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  32. MrBackwoodman
    MrBackwoodman 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    nice kit . i like the pack

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  33. G36Jeff
    G36Jeff 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    I use my bag to take to gun shows and flea markets. I love flea markets. Since you gave me the j martini knife I have found two others. One I got from a rich persons estate sale. It was a 3 million dollar house. This thing was so big I sware Danielle and I got lost twice. Seriously two times we could not find each other. I don't know why u would need a house that big. I asked the people what happend to the family. She laughed at me and said they wanted a bigger house. There grille set in the back yard was 75,000 bux. Lol. F that. 

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  34. G36Jeff
    G36Jeff 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Oops. I did see it. Must be the drugs. 

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  35. G36Jeff
    G36Jeff 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    How do I MISS these videos. 

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  36. Living Survival
    Living Survival 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Very nice kit, liked and sub'd ;)-

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  37. jmmurdy
    jmmurdy 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Nice video.

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  38. DragonU.S.M.C/0311
    DragonU.S.M.C/0311 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    nice simple kit  if it was a different color you would think it was a camera bag.

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  39. BrewByU
    BrewByU 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    Great little pack!  I use a home made ranger band (bike inner tube) to retain my Mora in its sheath.

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  40. G36Jeff
    G36Jeff 25 June, 2016, 21:53

    I got my fatboy versipak for 50 on ebay 

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