Best Survival Gear Knife Sharpener Firestarter 100% Waterproof

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By Far the Best! After soaking in water – Using an activator like hand sanitizer or fuel, you can immediately ignite your fire. Or simply shave filings from your ferrous rod into your kindle and erupt your fire immediately. 100% Waterproof. Learn more with the World’s best Knife Sharpener and Fire starter at

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  1. BlueTitanium48
    BlueTitanium48 29 June, 2016, 01:49

    Does the Sharpens Best store ever have sales on their products? If so can you make videos saying that a sale is going on? Also I would like to say I love your videos they are fun to watch. My favorite video of yours is the Sharpest Knife in the World Cuts Tree In Half | Sharpens Best, Wyoming video.

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