Bangladesh: Swimming as a Survival Skill

Swimming for survival – for Bangladeshi children knowing how to swim can mean the difference between life and death. Over 17,000 children drown every year in flood-prone Bangladesh – making drowing the leading cause of death. Bangladesh is trying to reduce this number with the help of these Australian lifeguards. [Jess Moss, Swimming Instructor]: “Every child that you teach to swim is a child that will not drown.” After their training, these instructors will return to their villages to teach children how to swim and their parents how to perform resuscitation. Knowledge of first aid procedures, like CPR, can help saves lives. These children are learning to swim in a muddy pond, next to the village. The low-lying delta nation of over 250 rivers means the majority of people live close to water. One boy explains how a close-call with death inspired him to learn how to swim. [Mahfuzul Karim, Villager]: “A year ago I nearly drowned. Now I’m learning to swim so that it will never happen to me again.” Since it began four years ago, the U.N.-sponsored program has taught over 30,000 children. It’s given these young swimmers a greater chance of surviving into adulthood.

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