Armageddon Response Bag (Survival Kit for Life’s Crises)

The bag you carry to make your life’s situations suck less! Rate, comment, do video responses, and subscribe! If you want to see anything reviewed or shown in more detail, let me know. There are a few things I forgot to show like my usb drive and smaller flashlight, but you got the gist of it.

The bag is made by HAZARD 4. The Bag is called the PLAN B.

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  1. Lester Awalt
    Lester Awalt 18 June, 2016, 18:49


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  2. michaelscoofield
    michaelscoofield 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    Can I ask which kind of bagpack type it is please? Btw subscribed and enjoying your vids!

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  3. michaelscoofield
    michaelscoofield 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    Congrats for an excellent vid! You have very good set with useful stuffs. Like it. I am using Glock 18 + Yaesu VX-2 which looks too much limited and small. Thinking about an upgrade to bigger radio. Best regards. MS

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  4. Bradley Johnson
    Bradley Johnson 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    Great bag! I have watched it a couple of times trying to write everything down. Do you have a list of the contents by chance? I have 2 of the VX-7r and 2 of the VX-5. Awesome radios.

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  5. William Seifert
    William Seifert 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    I would keep a life straw instead of that little straw thing. I have drunk a lot of water through mine and it's fine and I have never been sick. A little hard to suck through though.

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  6. Down Under Survival
    Down Under Survival 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    Hello! I am going to buy that bag! Is the green light or a dark green? I have seen pictures and it seems to change in light conditions. Would you recommend the green over the other colours?

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  7. David Hancock
    David Hancock 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    Best i've seen yet, 21yr military veteran/country boy

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  8. Rob Duncan
    Rob Duncan 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    I'm liking your AR Bag ,lots of useful gear . I especially like the trail mix x 2 , rice mix , oats . excellent choice for a day or so out and about . Some survival bags i see have 8 knives 3 axes and ZERO food! I wonder they plan to do, chop down a tree and eat it maybe ? hi hi . Thanks for video. Rob mm0udi 73

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  9. Andrew P
    Andrew P 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    This is a great survival/tactical bag to start with. Cheap and awesome quality. Best, is its on Amazon Prime (Free 2 day shipping):

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  10. LEO1WOLF
    LEO1WOLF 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    F.N.G. Question Alert: I like the idea that it's thinner (width-wise), so as not to get hung up on things.

    However, isn't it sacrificing a huge amount of C.I. as far as storage goes?

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  11. саша сторожук
    саша сторожук 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    а где топор,ружьё,волки сожрут твой ранец вместе с тобой,

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  12. TheThruster24
    TheThruster24 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    Not a bad bag, most of the items others include in their videos are useless and untested.

    The only thing I would recommend is a hatchet/machete, totally useful for building and wood gathering.

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  13. paulie pipes
    paulie pipes 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    awsome bag well tbought out items included.

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  14. stimpy 17
    stimpy 17 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    Think of some oil of clove for tooth pain, foil packs of Neosporin(small, flat) ,condoms for water carrying-eh hem, rain coat? One in the same really. Oh and do just chuck a Bic in your kit. Do you take a rod and/or a back-up rod? I want names, weights and whether or not she has a sister. Otherwise I just despise you!!! Carry-on.

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  15. Billy Lawd
    Billy Lawd 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    you Americans are wild …

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  16. Jonathan Adami
    Jonathan Adami 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    you're a master of tidiness! It's crazy how much you can fit in that small backpack! Congrats man! Inspirational!

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  17. Vivian Randin
    Vivian Randin 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    Thank you for the great video it has been very helpful for me since I am preparing a safety backpack myself

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  18. Aluethial
    Aluethial 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    Do you even use most of this?

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  19. rickd248
    rickd248 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    I like the way you carry your pills but aren't you afraid of the police? The law pretty much requires carrying pills in their original bottles with label. I was chewed out once for having Advil in a non Advil bottle. Depending how chicken they want to get, you could get locked up for having that nice and handy pill setup. I like your set up. Thanks for posting.

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  20. Firdaus Khambatta
    Firdaus Khambatta 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    I liked the video a lot, thanks Legend'sJourney

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  21. Robert Merlo
    Robert Merlo 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    LJ, I'd like to see what all your cutlery looks like. I'm interested in the steel type, blade configuration, and handle material. Great job on that video!

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  22. Robert Merlo
    Robert Merlo 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    LJ, your BOB is extremely well thought out and logical. Very well put together! It looks like all the priority items are easily accessible. More importantly, you speak from experience, which a lot of guys on YouTube DON'T! I love the narrow profile of your bag!

    I've been researching various GPS models to buy, and I like your description of the important features of your Garmin. I'm looking forward to watching another video of a more detailed demonstration of your Garmin. Thanks for a very professional and informative video.

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  23. Wetland Mariachi Band Inc
    Wetland Mariachi Band Inc 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    Great video

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  24. laura atkinson
    laura atkinson 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    where do u live

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  25. Axel Shahrier
    Axel Shahrier 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    Armageddon Response Bag. lol you sound like a resistance from the movie Terminator. Well good video to watch, we all should get our bags ready despite what's happening world wide.

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  26. Migopower
    Migopower 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    "forgot i had my gun in there" ye sure u wanted just like all other americans show that u own a gun lol.

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  27. KIDPREPPER 101
    KIDPREPPER 101 18 June, 2016, 18:49

    where is a knife

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