Arguing with Survival Experts: SoulSurvivorX2 Sex & Prepper Infomercials

SoulSurvivorX2 (married couple Mike and Cindy Jones) have basic preparedness videos which mainly features Cindy in skimpy outfits showcasing her breasts. Some have suggested that this undermines the credibility of anything they are presenting while others maintain there was no credibility to begin with. I’ve come to the conclusion it’s adding to the growing number of youtube prepper channels that are slowly turning into poor quality infomercials. ▼▼▼

Question and comments are always welcome…

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  1. Ivan Medina
    Ivan Medina 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    tell her to show them tit jk

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  2. ImNotCow1
    ImNotCow1 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    I think your take her way to seriously, she you a chick who makes fun videos. I don't think anyone is taking her for a survival expert.

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  3. Maddawwg45
    Maddawwg45 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    affraid i have to agree with ya i was subbed to there channel and later her sisters channel babeeblue and it got to be to much i mean i like boobs as much as the next man as long as im getting some type of education from it as well and to be honest a women running around with her boobs hung out shooting a gun and doing a half ass review has always made me ill but as u said sex sells to bad too cause i think initially the channel was some what crediable but now … uhhh dunno what there doing

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  4. Jay Heenan
    Jay Heenan 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    I know it is not a prepper channel, but if you want to see how a husband objectifies his wife for YouTube fame (or even how she does it herself), go check out Banshee Moon channel…it is the most ridiculous I have seen to date.

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  5. aHigher Power
    aHigher Power 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    Chicks sell and they know it. Survival Lilly and her girlfriend are prime example of it.

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  6. Screarnt
    Screarnt 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    I wouldn't deny the woman's agency. Many women know how much power their bodies can afford them and they are not shy to use that power for personal gain. She is perfectly capable of "whoring" herself out without her husband "pimping" her. I'd bet dollars to donuts that it was her idea in the first place to use her body to sell products and get views/subs/likes whatever.

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    PREPAREDMIND101 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    Only comment I will make is "The How Monkeys Peel A Banana" video. That pretty much sums everything up.

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  8. Kevin Robinson
    Kevin Robinson 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    I can see your point. Truth is, yeah they do seem a bit cheesy, but fact is, Mike and Cindy are financially set, so them doing this is frosting on the cake. Besides, Cindy is a good looking woman and if she wants to flaunt it, more power to her. Truth is, Im not going to turn my nose up at a good looking woman involved in a hobby I enjoy. Lets face it, Im a red blooded American boy and I like looking at tits as much as the next straight man.

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  9. Red River Scout
    Red River Scout 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    I agree with you that it is tacky. But I think it is a bit 1950s to assume that her husband is putting her up to it (girls are sugar and spice and don't have impure thoughts kind of deal) or that he can decide what she can and cannot do on or off camera. I just think your analysis of the why she is doing it and her husband's role in it is feels very much out of the "Leave it to Beaver" era.

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  10. blue ladybug
    blue ladybug 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    At first i used to watch them, then they started getting the big head, and cindy trying to act sexy all the time and half naked, it became sickening.

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  11. poorboy prepper
    poorboy prepper 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    knowledge is power but common sense is needed to tell the difference between good knowledge or bs. With every thing driven by the dollar you have to pay attention.

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  12. radicaldanzero
    radicaldanzero 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    I actually got into a small argument with her a while back. She wasn't very well informed. I no longer invest any faith in their value as a quality source of information. I do however, enjoy THIS channel. Peace

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  13. Julia Bradley
    Julia Bradley 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    You know if she went camping in northern Ontario in that outfit she'd get all scratched up, the bugs would eat her alive and she'd get burrs in her hair.

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  14. BREGGREN Papadoo
    BREGGREN Papadoo 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    I Feel Validated!

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  15. BewareofFlatteries
    BewareofFlatteries 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    What? So ya'll going to pass on the prepper porn? (throws random clothes like socks on the floor)
    This gave me a laugh. Thankyou.
    (flips hair)

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  16. Tea & Empire
    Tea & Empire 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    I used to be very involved in the "prepping" space some years ago (even had a channel with thousands of subs) but got over all that and dumped it as things really went south in a hurry. I'm glad I did.

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  17. Humble Trekker
    Humble Trekker 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    awesome che

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  18. radray19
    radray19 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    Never even heard of these clowns, and that jerk ass is pimping his wife, whether he realizes it or not.  I guess if your content is that bad and you need to sex it up, stop calling yourself a prepper…..prepping is literally a life and death subject, and boobs are another subject altogether.

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  19. Angela Lorusso
    Angela Lorusso 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    This video is great. Great job man.

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  20. De Nob
    De Nob 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    If I sent them a couple of Baofeng sets to clip to her bikini, would I sell more radios?

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  21. Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    Have you ever though that a channel like theirs could be seen as something of a gateway into more serious preparedness channels? In my case I clicked on one of their shooting videos from a gun review channel. (I clicked because it was a woman in a bikini with a gun) From there I watched some of their "survival" videos and it was from there that I became aware of better channels like the urban prepper. Now I don't watch their videos because they are really rather cheesy, but without them I might not be watching yours today.

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  22. H Slot
    H Slot 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    Me Tarzan you Jane well its not like ppl just started climbing trees and chimping out but hey it sold so if thats your objective then well done.And lets be honest if you think your a prepper and buy their bullshit then maby prepping isnt your thing go back to your god called television.

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  23. maritimespook
    maritimespook 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    Man Your Doing The Vids Id want too lol I review products for companies, but ones i pick and not ones who are picking channels who have 100,000 Subs and Could Tell There Ass From There Elbow but they Can Edit videos perfectly, show some tits and are quazi famous from something, it sorta burns my ass channels like these get the products to review over the people who can and would use them for real not just look pretty or tech savvy doing so…..Keep Up The Great Work Che !!,,,,,Spook

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  24. daniel saint-martin
    daniel saint-martin 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    personally I did watch 2 vids and I knew from the start that the main subject was her boobs… not prepping LMAO…. but a lot of peoples fall to this kind of nonsense !!!! keep them coming cheers !!!

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  25. xAZAZELx13
    xAZAZELx13 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    SoulSurvivorX2 is an absolute joke. Always has been.

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  26. Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    Ive been lured into watching a few of these videos, I'm a man and human, but they don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

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  27. QCprepper
    QCprepper 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    Initially I thought it was borderline, on the assumption you had intentionally slowed it down. Then you said the timing wasn't tampered with in the slightest, and now im forced to agree with you its ridiculous and overly commercial.

    As far as the hair throwing thing, I cant say ive never acted stupid or laid it on thick for the camera, but the slow-mo to me screams "look at me" infomercial.

    And yes, you certainly can shoot naked. Can and should are two very different concepts. Here in Quebec, many men wear speedos on the beach, because they can. Less than 0.1% should.

    I think you summed it up perfectly when you said theres a professionalism issue.

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  28. Steve Britton
    Steve Britton 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    When first looking on how to prep I ran into this channel. At first, I was thinking cool, fellow Floridians. Then a couple vids in I understood that this was purely preppertainment. I'm being sincere when I say that you are a undervalued resource on this platform. I dig how many different angles you come from on the whole Prepper movement. One of my favs was how you broke down water filteration/purification. Also the multi km walk was cool. Keep up with what you're doing, you've taught me a lot.

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  29. Secret Stuff
    Secret Stuff 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    Seen one video and when I seen her playing the game of boobies I just laughed. if I want to see a porn I will goto a porn site. So to be honest there videos are a total waste of space for me. But it does show you how many sheep will follow with their willy in hand. haahahaah…..

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  30. Frank Black
    Frank Black 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    It's just business OP. If you do not see YT as mostly entertainment, you are really out of touch. It is a very crowded space and if people are making a living off of their channel or supplementing their income, they are going to do whatever to stand out from the crowd. I have no idea why you are getting your knickers in a knot over Cindy.

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  31. Prepper Potpourri
    Prepper Potpourri 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    Hmmm, not a marketing technique a 60 year old grandma can use. I guess I'll have to stick to emphasizing content LOL

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  32. Ian C
    Ian C 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    The only thing I disagree on is her self esteem. I'm fairly certain its pretty high, and shes obviously comfortable with her body. Even if her husband is pushing her to do this, it seems to me she likes the attention.


    I have only seen about two minutes of one of her videos. Something about bugging out I believe.
    After a couple minutes, I realized exactly what it was when the "advice" was shit thats likely to get you killed or injured.

    Prepping, especially scenarios like bugging out are not a fucking joke, and when people like these start getting involved, it discredits all of us and potential puts people in danger.

    It's really too bad they're not smarter and take it more seriously.
    Fk, maybe we should all slap on a bikini and shoot some prepping vids!

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  33. illyounotme
    illyounotme 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    There are a lot of "prepper" youtube channels that seem to just rubber stamp product reviews. It has gotten rather annoying. Some of them also seem to not really take into account budget or availability of replacement parts.

    For example a lot of folks are hawking the Silky saws these days. And yes they are great saws I love using Silky saws for landscaping in a non SHTF situation. However in SHTF I will rely on my Bob Dustrude Quick Buck Saw as it uses standard blades found in any hardware store and is a reasonable price. Silky Saws cost a lot of money and use proprietary blades. There are a lot of honest reviewers who have had issues with Silky saws binding up and the blade breaking. This happens due to the cutting only happening on the pull, but the people being used to push cuts from US saws. Sure it is user error, but a common enough error that it is an issue.

    And if you break a blade or if someone you loan your high priced folding saw to breaks it, well the blades are expensive and special order. As well as the blades themselves are rather large, so your not likely to carry spares.

    These are issues that you don't see rubber stamp reviewers bring up. But for a prepper, these are important issues.

    You can even just do the Mors bow saw blade thing. Carry just a blade and some hardware to bushcraft a bow saw in the field. It isn't very difficult and much more budget friendly than buying expensive folding saw and replacement blades.

    This isn't limited to Silky saws, that is just one example that seems to be sweeping the prepper community these days. Reviewers failing to put the item into the context of prepping and how it would perform in such.

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  34. Chris Waller
    Chris Waller 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    I agree, but don't worry I don't think anyone with a half a brain will consider it useful information. But I admit my affection for cougars caused me to watch the shower video and enjoyed it. Sorry man I was weak.

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  35. preppersintent
    preppersintent 21 June, 2016, 21:07

    Couldn't agree more mate, the first vid (and only) I have seen of thiers was the shower video, I figured it was directed toward the male tween age audience,…it would seem the elementary dialoque would also support that, JMHO…tc

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