Adventist Community Services Disaster Response 2013

Adventist Community Services volunteers provide disaster response services through the ACS Disaster Response Ministry to assist individuals, families and communities affected by natural disasters and unforeseen tragedies.

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  1. Bruce Forster
    Bruce Forster 29 June, 2016, 23:33

    I became certified in ACS-DR last July.
    Since I passed it and became certified, NO ONE has EVER responded back to a single email message or phone message I have sent! LOOK at my qualifications, people!
    God gave me a 177 I.Q.
    I can do some Trig functions in my head.
    I can build WORKING emergency power setups in a matter of minutes.
    I hold an Extra Class Ham Radio License.
    I’ve been interviewed for a job at THX!
    I know more about PowerPoint than Microsoft.
    I know more about Minidisc technology than the men who invented it.
    And MUCH more!

    Will SOMEONE at ACS/DR PLEASE email me?!
    [email protected]

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